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 Sideshow: Juan Pueblo and the Sherman Way Shamans7 comments
picture7 Sep 2003 @ 10:20
Saturday Nite in the Valley, what can you do?

Close to the ancient palace of the Ming clan an Aztek food restaurant opened and the local shamans gathered for a sideshow around sculptor, Aztekian music instrument restaurator, and seasoned shaman Don Juan Pueblo: (from left) Dona Clara, Don Juan Pueblo, Miguel, Max, Aaron, and Carlos (behind Aaron).

The (Mexican) gourd is a gift from Don Juan's collection. Here is a sample I just recorded.

Yesterday evening, though, the subtle bass line I was playing with this gourd competed with..  More >

 News from the Grove: Some Bloom instead of Doom and Gloom2 comments
picture3 Sep 2003 @ 14:00
I was reading the newspaper over lunch.. which was a mistake as I nearly regurgigated the severly overprized dish..

Felt the urge to see something more intelligent than the local paper and looked at  More >

 The Governator is coming soon to a parliament near you!2 comments
picture21 Aug 2003 @ 12:24
Now it's official: yesterday in LA, - where else?, Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off his campaign to replace Gray Davis as the governor of California.

This is provided the Total Recall of the latter will be successful...  More >

 Life from Grave and Grove: Well, well, well3 comments
picture3 Aug 2003 @ 02:06
well, well, well, things took quite a different turn than expected. First, the lizard that was dwelling in Aum Pa's body didn't want to come out, then the evening took some odd turns. Interesting experience, that's for sure. Things turned out favorably in the end. Everyone admired Aum-Pa though. Now he's happily back home, the lizard has his home back. And everything was cool until I discovered that...  More >

 Live from the Sandorian Grove: Moments of relaxational meditation...2 comments
picture2 Aug 2003 @ 11:01
Some hours before his first public appearance (tonight in Topanga Canyon) Aum-Pa Redbird Excalibur is enjoying some relaxing moments in the Sandorian Grove, along with his Buddy Buddha (who never moved from that spot in the last 5 years, hmmm)..

With but a modest all-golden make-up and dressed only with a red&white scarf he appears quite humble.. I know better though and we'll see how he'll perform tonight!

mx  More >

 Good Bye, Bon Jour Ming !!3 comments
picture13 Jul 2003 @ 11:43
If one is leaving, one is at the same time arriving.

The Ming Clan, leaving LA on Monday, arriving in France... Good Bye, Bon Jour :-)  More >

 Lisa Lynne soares to #9 on the Billboard New Age Charts!1 comment
picture8 Jul 2003 @ 22:27
Congrats, Lisa, we love you :-)

here is the message I received a while ago:

----- Original Message -----
To: ...
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 10:18 PM
Subject: Lisa Lynne moves to # 6 on Billboard chart

> Greetings friends,
> Lisa Lynne debuted at #9 on the Billboard New Age Charts on June 28th.
> July 12 Billboard reports "Hopes & Dreams" moves to #6
> Stay tuned to news and info at
> And thank you for all your support.
>  More >

 Feldenkrais in the Valley & Topanga0 comments
category picture8 Jul 2003 @ 00:04
Joelle is back from New Mexico, at least for a while. She is a master (or, should I be politically correct and say mistress?) of the Feldenkrais Method.

The first time I heard of this was through my friend Bruce (see the previous article!) who is an expert in the Alexander Technique and knows countless other methods to get the body into shape (literally, I mean, no hopping around aerobixing).

Joelle offers classes and individual sessions, see below.

Here is a summary of what the Feldenkrais Method is about:  More >

 Born in Brazil - Ashe3 comments
picture21 Jun 2003 @ 13:07
Awo Fajare (Mauricio de Luna) is granddaddy now. The lucky one entered this world June 19, 2003 at 12:50pm (during lunchtime). He will be called Gabriel.

Send congrats to: !!


Dilma wrote: Salve Maurício!!!

...e me diga lá qual é a sensação de ser avô ? Parabens meu querido , que o Gabriel traga todas as bençãos do Grande Espírito para toda a sua família, aho!!

E parabens tambem por essa mais nova e poderosa conquista em sua vida espiritual principalmente. Tenho certeza que a egrégora de IFA está festejando essa nova aquisição tupiniquim com muito orgulho. Grande sorte,bençãos e beijo no coração, Dilma.  More >

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