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 Dead Weblogs and Traveling4 comments
picture19 Jul 2004 @ 16:14
Emperor Ming wrote about dead Weblogs.

I guess, this one qualifies for this in the moment, oh well. Or, better: bad, bad, bad..

I promise betterment!

For most people, according to Ming's blog entry, it seems they don't write when they're at home. More when they travel.

For me, it's the opposite. I just don't find the time to write. And, I was traveling all the time since last November.
Missing out on all the cool action in LA, like at the post-Skywork parties!

Now that I settled down in Nizza for the rest of the summer, I find some time finally for this :-)

Nizza, or Nissa, is Nice in France.

And nice it is! It feels a bit like the Copacabana in Rio here. Except everything here is about 5-10 times more expensive.

I'm sitting here in La Queenie, a bar & restaurant with free! WiFi access, live music, and everything. Unfortunately it closes between 2 or 3 in the morning.

For the past weeks I was working on some other kind of 'Logs' - not Weblogs, no: the 'Logs of JD Flora'!!!

Hard, hard work, you know me all how hard I work, surely!

It will be, guess what,...  More >

 New Moon Alert (belated): Medusa's head chopped off April 19th3 comments
picture22 Apr 2004 @ 12:45
Just got (too late, sigh!) the following (by June Collier):

"The New Moon, April 19, 2004, is a partial Solar Eclipse and the second New Moon in Aries this year, it occurs at the last degree (29 Aries 49) of this first sign.."


"The last 10 degrees of Aries or the 3rd Decanate has for its rulership Aries/Sagittarius ruled by Mars/Jupiter. It is the decanate of PROPAGANDA. It is mapped in the starry night sky by the constellation PERSEUS, with the wings of thought on his feet, the helmet of courage on his head, armed with the sword of righteousness, protected by the shield of beneficence, and holding the blood-dripping head of Medusa in one hand."

How patriarchical-chauvinistical, oh well... glad it's over by today..  More >

 Wading through the Mists of Avalon2 comments
picture21 Apr 2004 @ 11:47
While walking thru drizzle and mist, I contemplate the various peakstates of my dreary existence, comparing them to the impressive list made by the Institute for the Study of Peak States. Is that happiness, or what?..  More >

 Monthly Update (?)0 comments
picture7 Apr 2004 @ 03:44
I'm back in Toulouse, the true Capitol, here at the palace of Emperor Ming who calls himself humbly Ming the Mechanic, hmmm..

As frequently in the past months of traveling I am sincerely dedicated to write a bit and read and answer my e-mail.. Let's say I'll try my best (again!)

we'll see!
mx  More >

 Yes, Max is back... for a while, at Lourdes...6 comments
picture7 Mar 2004 @ 14:33
...well, reading all the sad BLOGs about my absence, and considering it's a full-moon today, I decided to appear again for a change.

Here at Lourdes, my recent apparition was captured for posteriority by Ming himself. The (full) moon showed up only an hour later..  More >

 Next NextAid event:0 comments
picture4 Nov 2003 @ 08:44
Saw this announcement at the Bucky convention (more about that one later), and thought it may be interesting for the BLOG worldwide. Not so much for jumping on an airplane to hit Hollywood & Vine but as info of what's going on in the world.

Maybe Kim African Drumbeat can add some info as well.

NextAid's MISSION is to coordinate music events to benefit children affected by AIDS in Africa.

This event is NOT sponsored by Budget Car Rental, good grief, read Flemming's account of their chilling practices in Europe.

Anyway, "Dream 2" will feature Soulstice, Medusa, Garth, and a lot of interesting artists. Plus an auction...  More >

 Bom Dia from Ipiranga3 comments
picture13 Oct 2003 @ 14:12
Ipiranga, the place where independence was declared for Brazil, or so they say, is a magical place; one of the top postcard motifs for tourists and locals alike.

At the entrance of palace and park are huge signs: √Źndependence ou Morte" - no tranlation needed !??  More >

 World-News: Candle-Trick worked, Salvation is Near, New Age Church is Born!4 comments
picture27 Sep 2003 @ 12:05
Here are the latest worldshaking news:

my candle-burning for Joachim de Floris (also known as Gioacchino da Fiore) worked, salvation is near, cuz a new New Age Church is Born!

The candle was still burning when the ultimate news arrived in my mailbox in 6 parts: ADMIROLOGY - THE NEW AGE RELIGION.

Ruediger already joined, what else would you expect from him?

HOWEVER, there IS a major problem with this: the new church was born in the Valley!

As EVERYBODY knows, nothing good comes from there.

That's why Ming had to escape to France (in case you ever wondered...  More >

 B'day party September 13th with Global Action2 comments
picture11 Sep 2003 @ 15:01
Maria Lee throws a b'day party for me on Saturday, Sept 13th, and we will do some strange things at the occasion, worldwide, what else.

Check out some items on the list}.  More >

 Happy 86th, Dr. Dave !!!2 comments
picture7 Sep 2003 @ 13:25
Going strong into his 87th year, still helping other people every day, we will celebrate Dr.Dave's birthday today...

Send b'day greetings to his daughter Val at or ...  More >

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