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2016-09-23: A summary of the summaries of Max Sandor's projects
2016-09-23: Project Summary 6. Game Theory - why and how do we manifest?
2016-09-23: Project Summary 5: Polar Dynamics - theory and praxis of polarities
2016-09-23: Project Summary 4: Quantum Fá - a practical guide to this Universe
2016-09-23: Project Summary 3: The Book of Numbers
2016-09-22: Project Summary 2: UrTon - the basis of spoken languages
2016-09-18: Project Summary 1: The ConCur Paradigm - the structure of Reality
2016-08-09: Robot Psychologist (by Awaz)
2016-08-09: Project Summary 7: Archetypology of the Human Being
2016-08-01: Victory, submission or what else? Sign and symbol of the Rio 2016 Kickoff
2016-07-30: The Return of the Walan
2016-07-28: ‘Logs of JD Flora Volume 2’ - Log #60 – The Regression Thingie
2016-07-28: Pictionary - Purple Sheet #1
2016-07-27: Logs of JD Flora #3043: Can a TransRealist really reflect upon himself?
2016-07-24: Defining the Matrix
2016-06-02: Thrills&Chills Management (Part 3 - Group Thrills)
2016-05-20: Thrills&Chills Management (Part 4 - Example: how to get into the 'Flow State' )
2016-05-19: Thrills&Chills Management (Part 2 - Behind the curtain)
2016-05-19: Thrills&Chills Management (Part 1 - Definitions of Games Design)
2016-05-04: Brazil 2016: Collapse of the Triad of Science, Technology, and Religion
2016-05-02: News from the Grove: Debunking a non-urban legend today
2015-10-14: Multiviewpoint Answers to Structural Problems
2015-10-08: Sierpinksi in the jungle
2015-10-08: Self-assessment: Archetypal Stakeholder Analysis
2015-10-07: Dreamer Vs Doer - the archetypal conflict within transformation
2015-06-22: A Sunday night (solstice) shuffle
2015-06-06: Quantum Fá 101
2014-04-05: Modeling a number: the beauty, power, and danger of 90
2014-03-16: Review of Game #617 and... let's up the gaming level!
2014-01-30: 2014: What's in a number?
2013-12-24: Best wishes for 2014
2013-10-04: Birthing and Croaking in Today's Most Decadent Civilization
2013-09-24: Quan Fa Vs Hey Shyong Fu, the official Martial Arts in Quantum Fá
2013-09-19: 'The Flinch' in Epigenetic Tuning
2013-06-26: A spectre is haunting the World — the spectre of Systemic Change
2013-06-23: The Lifecycle of Societies Vs Conspiracy Theories
2013-06-23: The philosophical-religious background of the Satyagraha concept
2013-06-21: Satyagraha 2.0 - the only possible solution thinkable against oppression
2013-06-12: The man, the master, and the mountain
2013-06-12: The Bee, the baby, and the train: a never ending puzzle
2013-05-22: Never mind Indigos&Crystals - here come the 'New Amazons'
2013-04-27: The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty
2013-04-27: Patent Application: New Method for How to Always be Happy
2013-04-22: Anima Mundi - Her Vanity and Her Glory
2013-04-20: The Power of Myth, its Pledge and its Symbol, corporate & incorporated
2013-04-10: The Power Wheel (in various paradigms)
2013-02-28: The Transtemporeality in and of the 'Logs of JD Flora'
2013-02-24: Discussion Groups for Self-Development
2013-01-12: Where in your space is your future?
2013-01-04: The Emergence of Transtemporal Consciousness
2012-12-25: Welcome to the 14th Baktun: Western Super-Heroes Vs the Chinese Art-of-War
2012-11-02: The Weird Credo of the Church of CEU (Constructivistic Epistemologists United)
2012-10-31: Why is there day&nite? (or: the Failure-to-control Scale)
2012-08-20: Geometry of the Toth Diagram and the Kalachakra Mandala
2012-07-28: Prides, Aesthetics, & the Power of Symbols
2012-07-11: Degeneration of polypole-Universes via viewpoint substitutions
2012-06-01: QLFP-X
2012-04-24: The Emotional Scale of a Player
2012-02-04: Differentiating levels of abstractions
2012-02-04: Confusing a model with its instantiation(s)
2012-01-29: Copyright 33AD? Whoever has the "keys", hand them over to us NOW!
2012-01-22: 2012 Predictions, NOT prophecies, from the Makers of Reality
2012-01-17: Rio+20 & the Creators' First Executive Order: Phru Urbu
2012-01-06: New Year. New Subtitle
2012-01-01: Let's get back the true Magic of Life in 2012 - Goodbye to the false Magicians,
2011-12-29: Tao-Té-Fá
2011-11-14: Definitions
2011-11-08: Gandhi on non-violent action and civil disobedience
2011-10-29: We must know! We shall know!
2011-10-15: Who frigging owns this frigging picture of this frigging fractal?
2011-10-13: Download of David Hilbert successfully completed!
2011-10-01: Individual Incarnation as a Dust Devil in the Event Soup
2011-09-03: "The price of happiness" or "The Crying Princess" - a fairy tale, 2 fair 2b true
2011-08-29: Morphic Field Functions & Resonance Behavior
2011-08-09: YAGUA: Yet Another Grand Universe Algorithm (not 42!!!)
2011-08-08: Root Function in the Stock Market as Behavior of Morphogenetic Fields
2011-07-24: Mark Rüedi: ROOT HEALING brings EMOTIONAL EQUANIMITY
2011-07-21: The Fourth F (of cellular behavior)
2011-07-09: The Varuna Matrix in Quantum Fa: bridging Gnostics, Vedas, Runes, and Ifa?
2011-06-23: Epigenetic Learning or: Teaching Ho'oponopono Style
2011-05-30: Toth-Morula Mapping
2011-05-29: Epigenomics: Heal Thyself by Healing Your Parents!
2011-05-28: Polar bodies, Morula & Toth Diagram
2011-05-25: The Grand Confusion of Bondage: Desiring & Having
2011-05-18: The semantics within the transfer of ancestor goals and a model of mortality
2011-05-14: The Girapoli Effect
2011-03-23: Visualization of conditions of polarizations via Lissajous figures
2011-03-15: A Nation's Thatanos Unleashed
2011-02-24: Allen Wright passed away
2011-02-17: Elitist Incest: The Bell Curve of Culture and the Club of Rome
2011-01-10: 50 years at Lightspeed (60 Anos a Mil)
2010-12-23: Dream On! And hang on for a Prime Year!
2010-12-10: New Discovery announced by MASA scientists:
2010-12-01: New trailer for Countdown 2012 World Tour
2010-11-20: Notes on the Topology of Control
2010-11-20: Property of the Morphic Field: The Copyall Symbol
2010-11-16: The Divine Role of Oxossi in the Endgame: the Orisha of the Hacker
2010-11-15: The Rise of the Shamans of Digital Culture
2010-11-15: Wherever you dance, there you are: Global Change is Here NOW
2010-11-09: Anarchic Transitions in Social Transformation
2010-11-05: Zeitgeist Quilombo
2010-11-04: Passion 4 Truth trailer in support of the Countdown 2012 Workshop Worldtour
2010-10-29: Source-Backflow Initiation Process
2010-10-21: Dynamic Colloidal Leadership Vs Static Pyramid Models
2010-10-20: Braselections: Surrealitistic Democrazy and the need for Zeitgeit Awareness
2010-10-04: Serfs Anonymous - the 12-Step Program for 7 billion people
2010-09-24: Housing & City Design based on the Toth Diagram
2010-09-16: From "Max Sandor's Tales to his grandson"
2010-08-12: David Hilbert and Beelzebub's Second Law of Nature
2010-08-11: Double Attention
2010-07-30: from Baudrillard to Verger: Diversification Vs Global Norms
2010-07-29: Walter Smetak, sound alchemist, about the Primary Split
2010-07-15: Reality Maps & Meta-Models
2010-07-14: From The Founding Boys: Trimonopan, the brandnew super-religion
2010-07-11: Germany, Uruquay, and Applied Quantum Theory
2010-07-03: Sideline Philosophy:Eigentor & other strange attractors
2010-07-01: The Utter Uselessness of Sports and the Purpose of Life
2010-06-30: Sideline Philosophy:
2010-06-26: A game has 90 minutes, ehh, or 120, plus overtime...
2010-05-01: Pseudobombax ellipticum
2010-04-12: Learning (expanded) Non-violent Communication via Skywork
2010-04-11: First Split and the Godhead concept
2010-03-31: What's the line between "immersing in beauty" and exaltation?
2010-03-23: The Triad of Triads
2010-03-20: On Motivated Willpower and Unconditioned Volition
2010-03-11: The CascoDuro Case and who laughs last..
2010-02-10: Mindmap for Ifa for the 21st Century
2010-01-24: Contra-Memes & Things to Learn from Haiti's Turmoils
2010-01-06: More free gifts for 2010 and the problem of having to choose..
2009-12-25: X-Mas gifts
2009-12-17: I will not SHOULD on myself today!
2009-12-15: Biotech company blames God for contamination of rice crops
2009-12-11: Anthony's Crystal: Closing the Gap between Archetypes and Energies
2009-12-11: Barack Hussein Allwellbama: War is Peace and Peace is War
2009-12-10: Snowing Flowers! Another Hoax?
2009-12-08: The Super-Spin: Are Dihydrogen Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Poisons?
2009-11-28: Alan C. Walter passed away
2009-11-19: Yoga today: Trying to join what has been hopelessly confused
2009-11-16: Hitlist of the major flaws in Human Thinking
2009-11-11: Preview from 'Beyond Good and Evil" by Frater Otto
2009-11-03: Lévi-Strauss passed away... a month shy of his 101st b'day
2009-10-17: Joachim di Fiore and Obama
2009-10-12: Mixer, Pinker, Crazy Combos
2009-10-05: Buying my own paper from over 18 yrs ago...
2009-09-21: Some more from a new, old book: where was the Land of Promise really?
2009-09-06: Book translation in progress: "Roots of the Ideology of the Global Elitists"
2009-08-24: Re-release of my album
2009-08-18: New album: Hotel Lagonda (Spain) made in Springfield, OH
2009-08-03: The Solfeggio Scale on the Toth Diagram
2009-07-16: Yet another pretty ugly topic: does Ugliness exist?
2009-07-06: At what point does a symbiotic relationship become parasitic?
2009-07-02: If Darwin were right, Part X: The Evolution of Human Parasites
2009-06-11: Memebusters at Work: Expanding Earth Vs Moving Plates
2009-06-07: The Horsekiller Herb: Solanum Viarum and some quintessential thoughts
2009-05-29: White Rabbit strikes again: The illconceived illusion of illimited illumination
2009-05-23: Transpersonal 2-Point Process (ME)
2009-05-10: Types of Ego and Ego Cultures
2009-04-11: Plastic Shamans, Quantum Bunkum & cargocultic Traditions
2009-03-19: Rehearsing for the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation March 20th 2009
2009-03-07: Castaneda's Assemblage Point & ME's 2-point
2009-03-03: Collapsing the wave: paradigms of manipulating the hologram
2009-02-26: Crazy Days - Part 2: LRH is back - No more Mult-Genius
2009-02-26: Crazy Days
2009-02-25: Precalculated Backlash
2009-02-24: Obama; "No He Can't" by Anne Wortham
2009-02-06: 2009 Message to Mr. Obama by Brian O’Leary
2009-01-30: World Social Forum 2009: The Failure of Success
2008-12-24: Best wishes to everyone and the latest of X-mas Spam pps
2008-12-11: Borrowing money to a beggar
2008-12-07: An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki ("Sermon of the Holy Rock")
2008-12-06: Public Declaration
2008-11-22: Fractal Intelligence and the Archetype of a Black Swan
2008-11-15: How to create an entire management system from scratch just with one (1!) die!
2008-11-14: Good is the enemy of great (Jim Collins)
2008-11-08: A Boy Named Sue and the False American Dream
2008-11-03: Perversion and Abuse of Systemic Concepts
2008-10-26: Systemic Intelligence: How to teach Systemic Thinking effectively
2008-10-20: For discussion: Revised Call for Papers & logo
2008-10-13: Call for Papers: (Online) Conference On Systemic Flaws and Solutions 2009
2008-10-12: Systemic flaws and engineered collapse
2008-09-13: "Silent Thunder" Rundown package re-released
2008-08-30: A candle for Edward Elmer
2008-08-22: Quantum Potential, Theory in General, and the Toth Diagram
2008-08-16: Virus Lifecycles and the Morphogenetic Field
2008-08-10: What if Darwin were right? Or, The Triad of Science, Engineering, and Arts
2008-07-29: Discovering the difference between Soul and Spirit in Oneself
2008-07-26: From Theory to Praxis: an example & thoughts about Mastery and Organization(s)
2008-07-25: The sky above, the mud below: connecting the dots
2008-07-23: Linking the Toth Diagram to Traditional Sacred Geometry
2008-07-19: The Toth Diagram
2008-07-18: Discrete Vs Structural Processing
2008-07-16: Next to the coffin
2008-07-10: Minimal tool requirements for 'Awakening as a Being'
2008-07-04: Holiday A Parody
2008-06-29: Notes for a recent speech
2008-06-16: Platonic Gunas: thymos, eros & logos
2008-06-13: Cosmic Glue Part 4: A method for neutralizing VANITY
2008-06-03: (Edward J. Dawson) Technical announcement about olodu
2008-05-29: A brand new book on an old ugly topic by Carse
2008-05-29: Cosmic Glue Part 3
2008-05-26: The Bug in this Universe: found ... but then it escaped again..
2008-05-21: The Vanity of the Universe - now copyrited...
2008-04-05: Fretless Perceptions
2008-02-27: Desire Polarities, Tractor Beams, and Polarity Desires
2008-01-25: The Difference Between a Duplicate and a Copy: Coexistence and MEST Universe
2008-01-13: Don't be a sucker, man - face the cougar, baby !
2008-01-02: A Crappy New Year from the rabbit...
2007-11-22: The purpose of the white rabbit...
2007-11-13: Important Security Update
2007-10-07: Hard to believe: Fridays without e-mail
2007-09-22: The Return of the White Rabbit
2007-09-18: Omitted, tzz: definition of Anoia & Protennoia Vs. Pronoia
2007-09-13: "Shadows in the Dark" or "Enlightenment - virtue or crime, blessing or curse"?
2007-09-10: Memebusting: Pronoia, Epinoia, Paranoia, Morphonoia
2007-08-17: Manifest of Hermetic Ifá
2007-08-16: Rabbit Tracks
2007-07-19: Preparing for the showdown: November 7th
2007-07-01: Avoiding Reinventing the Wheel(s) of Tetralectics
2007-06-29: The Map of Outcomes: Where are YOU in the rat-race?
2007-06-20: Applied Confront Scale: The Grand Delusion of 'Positive Thinking'
2007-06-13: Scale of confront, including mechanics of polarization
2007-05-31: The Sudden Death of Ken Ogger
2007-05-12: Modern Lullabys...
2007-05-12: The Newest Saint: A Wonder-Pill Brother & Call for Legalization of Placebos
2007-05-07: Out from the deep
2007-05-05: Geometry that is linking dimensions
2007-05-02: Vesakh 2007: the Buddha left (2556 yrs ago), Anthony arrived with a big smile
2007-04-28: A Meme-Pioneer: Antonio Gramsci, 70 years after his death
2007-04-19: Helo Uncut (Part 1 of ?)
2007-04-16: Insane Meme Hunting: The Cutting of the Umbilical Cord
2007-04-14: Regurgitated: Being consistent
2007-04-11: The All New Archetype (Orisha) Crossword Puzzle
2007-03-31: Extreme Strategies for Survival - the killer moth (caterpillar)
2007-03-06: Cosmic Soup: Resonance patterns and group behaviour patterns
2007-02-28: Magic Power Soup - Homecooking Recipe
2007-01-15: Trashing the Octave System !
2007-01-09: Freedom is a Two-edged Sword
2007-01-01: New Year in the Forest, champagne & lentil soup
2006-12-10: Rottie Confronto
2006-11-14: Dogma or Catma ?
2006-11-05: New Cool Video at "Darwin at Home"
2006-10-31: What could be the new Revolution after Saturn square Jupiter?
2006-09-14: The ProtoMeme of the Universe - The Cosmic Byte
2006-09-14: A great Babalawo departed...
2006-09-13: Some Notes on Memes
2006-09-04: Responsibility and Love
2006-08-30: Spiritual Drugs
2006-08-28: Something that works well: The Process of Ho'oponopono
2006-08-23: Trap Addendum: The Fasting&Praying Trap
2006-08-17: 'Archetype': Word and concept
2006-08-03: Milan Crosswalk, Part II
2006-07-26: The polarization of the the super-goals
2006-07-09: Never repeated too often: Vigilance is the price of freedom!
2006-06-29: Tensegrity of Star-Tetrahedrons and Internal Structure of Odu (proto energy)
2006-06-09: Das SimpelDeutsch Experiment
2006-06-06: Higher Will, Iwa, and Tanha - A Comparison
2006-06-05: Too many books . 120 years ago
2006-06-04: Meme's Meme Or The General Theory of the Purpose of Games Or...
2006-06-02: Wikipedia Today: Transhumanism
2006-05-31: Or-i or O-ri: who sees!?
2006-05-03: Thinking about Stars and Gods in Napule (Naples)
2006-04-27: Spinning Quad Wheels on Obara, but, yikes, a parking ticket: Why me?
2006-04-15: Geometry of Prime Polarities (Odu)
2006-02-21: Spiritual Arrogance, Cargo Cults, and the Bug of this Universe
2006-02-12: Sunday Meditation: Emerald Table
2006-01-18: IFA 21 Forum reactivated
2006-01-15: Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions
2006-01-06: Adjacent Energy Emanations and Stray Polarities
2005-10-17: 2 new Italian book releases: Your Personal Archetype & JD Flora III
2005-09-23: yet another Italian book release..
2005-09-21: new translation of a the tapussa speech (part 2)
2005-09-12: Italian Version of Polar Dynamics Available
2005-08-31: Perfektions-Angst (TM)
2005-08-28: Feedback for a New Copyright and Disclaimer Text
2005-08-15: The Law of the Boredom of Perfection
2005-07-12: The Flyin Swans crashed in the Adria, South of Rimini...
2005-04-30: Yet Another Flyin Swan Performance....
2005-03-28: MaxLive in Italy: just a little North of Milan's Scala
2005-03-06: 10 Years New Civilization Network.. still going strong..
2005-02-07: Hmm... even more hard work...
2005-01-29: JD Flora as book: Volume 1 - Daughter of Time - NOW AVAILABLE
2005-01-29: The face of the Polar Dynamics book cover is haunting me...
2005-01-28: Temperature dropping to 20 degree Celsius at night here at Mailasqui - Sao Roque
2005-01-22: Hard Work
2005-01-01: Merry New Year and such...
2004-11-19: A Grimm Objective Process: Smash that frog at that wall! ... thank you!
2004-11-18: The Adhoc Creation of New Archetypes
2004-11-12: Godfather Death ..
2004-10-23: The Choice to Make Choices
2004-10-21: Reality IS Real
2004-10-20: 'The Unfolding' (The 53. Attempt of a Translation)
2004-10-10: Comments to the previous article by Ed
2004-10-07: The Flipsides of the Bread of Shame
2004-09-25: Ed on 'triangles' - a must read!
2004-09-24: What's in between the poles??
2004-09-01: Direct Polarity Access (DPA)
2004-08-15: Nested Polarities and the Sierpinsky Tetra
2004-08-14: POV:demo
2004-08-13: The Girapoli Peakstates
2004-08-09: Picasso ' 52 years ago..
2004-07-19: Dead Weblogs and Traveling
2004-04-26: At the gate to Merlin's castle...
2004-04-24: Where Merlin rests or works...
2004-04-23: The City of Nephelokokkygia
2004-04-22: New Moon Alert (belated): Medusa's head chopped off April 19th
2004-04-21: Wading through the Mists of Avalon
2004-04-11: Famous Groves: Glastonbury Groves
2004-04-09: Famous Groves in History: Gethsemane
2004-04-08: The Dire Truth About the Naming of this BLOG
2004-04-07: Monthly Update (?)
2004-03-07: Yes, Max is back... for a while, at Lourdes...
2004-02-24: Medusa's head chopped off...
2004-01-27: The new face of Medusa revealed...
2003-11-13: Celebrating my 18688th Birthday today..
2003-11-05: About the Buckminster Fuller Conference Last Sunday in LA
2003-11-04: Next NextAid event:
2003-10-31: How to Recover from Dead Ends
2003-10-30: From the other Rio de Janeiro: Meeting Adao Daxalebarada
2003-10-13: Bom Dia from Ipiranga
2003-10-08: Arnold for President! We want a Presidator ! Jawoll Ja!
2003-10-08: Free, expensive images and beautiful music: Oceania
2003-10-03: Q4A Contest: He said that they said that I said that you said that he said...
2003-10-01: Dali's Dante-Medusa
2003-09-29: Medusa Revisited (nothing to do with medical services nor the Land of the Free)
2003-09-28: Brain Break: Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy
2003-09-27: World-News: Candle-Trick worked, Salvation is Near, New Age Church is Born!
2003-09-26: A Candle 4 Joachim de Floris !?
2003-09-26: Evolving: RadioBLOG, SketchBLOG, CoopBLOGs
2003-09-24: Quote of the Day: Fear is the mind-killer
2003-09-15: Thank you for the many nice wishes and the great b'day party...
2003-09-11: B'day party September 13th with Global Action
2003-09-07: Happy 86th, Dr. Dave !!!
2003-09-07: Sideshow: Juan Pueblo and the Sherman Way Shamans
2003-09-05: Quote of the Day: Krishnamurti about Belief Systems
2003-09-03: News from the Grove: Some Bloom instead of Doom and Gloom
2003-09-02: Q4A: Contest (4 real) What's the question to this answer??
2003-08-29: Stories of the 401 Knights: Alara and The Secret of All Emperors
2003-08-22: What's happening at the Grove: Latest (International) Net-TV
2003-08-21: The Governator is coming soon to a parliament near you!
2003-08-13: Addendum to Cause and Effect: Understanding the Concept of Dependent Co-Arising
2003-08-12: Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect - Part V
2003-08-09: Sounds from the Grove: Z Sandorian Scale
2003-08-03: Life from Grave and Grove: Well, well, well
2003-08-02: Live from the Sandorian Grove: Moments of relaxational meditation...
2003-08-01: Q4A: Question AND Answer together..
2003-07-31: Feldenkrais plus SkyWork in Topanga Canyon Sat. Aug 2nd..
2003-07-30: Morphogenetics and Terrorist Futures Markets
2003-07-28: Q4A: I got the answer - who knows the question?
2003-07-27: More From the Grove: two new didges grew over night..
2003-07-27: Live From the Grove: Someone loves to take all the heat he can get..
2003-07-23: Q4A1a - Questions for Answers - Part1a (Politically corrected)
2003-07-20: Q4A1 - Questions for Answers - Part1
2003-07-16: From the Grove: David Hummingbird Vs Golly Hawk
2003-07-13: Memetic Baby Shower: Reframing 'Cause and Effect'
2003-07-13: Good Bye, Bon Jour Ming !!
2003-07-12: Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect Part III
2003-07-08: Lisa Lynne soares to #9 on the Billboard New Age Charts!
2003-07-08: Feldenkrais in the Valley & Topanga
2003-07-07: Book Review - "Dare To Inquire" by Bruce Kodish
2003-07-06: Meme-Trashing Party: Cause and Effect...Part II
2003-07-05: What is Inside and What is Outside?
2003-07-04: Independence, freedom ... to do what??
2003-07-03: Proverb of the day: Never write more than what you read
2003-07-02: What's in a name? the origin of the word 'Didgeridoo' (incl.sound)
2003-07-01: From my garden: Agave Sandoriana !?
2003-06-30: Quote from Lieh-Tzu (~400 B.C.)
2003-06-29: The Art of Asking
2003-06-28: Meme-Trashing Party: Today: Cause and Effect...
2003-06-27: Vernonia: Weed, Medicine, or Future Crop ?
2003-06-26: What's wrong with this picture?
2003-06-25: You made your bed - now sleep in it!
2003-06-24: Eredo: Queen Sheeba's Pyramid in Nigeria - larger than Gizeh?
2003-06-23: Acara-Je: The Ultimate Food for Gods and Men (see Video!!)
2003-06-22: The SnowQueen Meme, Contemp TV, and its Undoing - Part 1
2003-06-21: Born in Brazil - Ashe
2003-06-21: 6/21: SkyCircle Evening with Acara-Je Cooking !!
2003-06-21: Healing the World Through Healing Yourself...

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