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"Jews did not return to their ancient homeland to oppress the Palestinian people, and Palestinians did not resist the creation of a Jewish state out of hatred of the Jews. In the long history of propaganda battles between Zionists and Palestinians, each side has at times told the story to make it seem as if the other side was consistently doing bad things for bad reasons. In fact, both sides have made and continue to make terrible mistakes. Yet it is also true that both sides can make a reasonable case for their choices, given the perceptions they had of their own situation and of those who opposed them. As long as each side clings to its own story, and is unable to acknowledge what is plausible in the story of the other side, peace will remain a distant hope.”

—Rabbi Michael Lerner, Healing Israel/Palestine

Book Description

There IS a path to peace in the Middle East. A first step is for both sides to stop the "blame game" and the attempts to make one side "right" and the other side "wrong." Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, shows how it is possible to be both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine, and to recognize that both people's best chance for lasting security lies in finding a "progressive middle path" toward peace even when the forces of violence in the United States, Israel, and Palestine have temporarily taken ascendancy.

Lerner provides a balanced perspective on the current Middle East struggle, and demonstrates that being visionary and rejecting "cynical realism" is the most practical global politics for the twenty-first century.

The book includes extensive historical information with a focus on current events, photographs, and detailed political maps of the region. An appendix provides resources for readers interested in activism.

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1 comment

2 Jun 2004 @ 22:07 by koravya : Refreshing
To hear a balanced statement
regarding the Issue
between these two peoples.  

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