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picture24 Aug 2003 @ 22:22, by Quidnovi

With the Musing Muse warmest regards to Martha, a faithful and constant friend to The Muse. "It is through the Joy of Connection that we do our greatest work", so this wink is for you, Borderless one ;-)

One of the most fascinating aspects of the World Wide Web is those curious and fascinating places that cyberspace seemingly spawns synchronously and serendipitously out of nowhere and the wild and unruly crowd of unlikely and otherworldly characters it appears to bring together from all over the world/underworld/overworld. One such place, as we all know, is NCN, and it just so happens that the activity of one such unlikely, otherworldly character who goes by the handle of Baalberith and who has been posting a few comments here and there in the Public News Log, did not escape the vigilant attention of the Musing Muse. Enquiring mind has to know. I do not mean to boast but Baalberith is not an easy fellow to get hold of, so it is with undisguised pride that I introduce him here to you:

Musing Muse: Who is Baalberith?

Baalberith: I am known as Hell's Chief Archivist.

Musing Muse: Hell?! LOL

Baalberith: (Wounded silence)

Musing Muse: So, uh, are you going to try and get me to sell my soul. (Uneasy laugh) What's the going rate, anyway?

Baalberith: Oh, please, that is so passé. If you want to sell your soul, you no longer have to conjure up demons or anything like that. Just use this handy Web Form to state your terms. Voila! You've sold your soul in seconds flat. There's nothing easier, as long as your Web Browser supports forms.

Musing Muse: You're kidding, right?

Baalberith: LOL, an Eskimo Shaman once told me "life's greater danger lies in the fact that people's food consists entirely of souls."

Musing Muse: ???

Baalberith: Hmmm... Let me see... Are you familiar with that book, the best seller, The Morris Way, I think it's called?

Musing Muse: (Amused smile) I've heard of it. There is actually a couple of fascinating interviews with Mr. Morris that are published on this very Log.

Baalberith: So, you are probably no stranger to the infamous Bearly Ponder Press articles by Loopy Nosey, and Mr. Morris's position that the New Age movement is in need of, errr..., "a good kick in the derriere"---his words, you understand.

Musing Muse: (Hurriedly) To be fair, I want to make it clear here that the articles posted on The Muse are entirely the opinions of the individuals who write them, and do not necessarily represent the views of Martha or The Muse or of anyone else here at NCN or...

Baalberith: (Interrupting) Yabadabada, yes, I know the usual disclaimer.

Musing Muse: (Apologetic) And Mr. Morris sometimes do get carried away and...

Baalberith: That was exactly it, though!

Musing Muse: Exactly what?

Baalberith: What Mr. Morris said in the interview. What the Shaman meant.

Musing Muse: Well, as I was saying...

Baalberith: (Interrupting) The way Mr. Morris put it, people are just too eager to "give away their power."

Musing Muse: (Abruptly changing the topic) So, anyway, wherever do you come from? I mean where is Hell?

Balberith: (Ambiguous smile) Or what is Hell?

Musing Muse: Well?

Baalberith: Ah, but "L'Enfer c'est les autres," mon ami.

Musing Muse: Hmmm, yes, you're going to have to do better than that...

Baalberith: "Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura ché la diritta via era smarrita."

Musing Muse: Listen, if you don't want to answer the question...

Baalberith: (His head rotating on his shoulders a full 360 degree angle) Vous trouvez mes paroles obscures?

Musing Muse: Rather! But then I should have expected this from your kind...darkness is your trade.

Baalberith: L'obscurité est dans nos âmes, ne pensez-vous pas? As my friend Kundera aptly put it (The Book of Laughter and Forgetting), "Those who consider the Devil to be a partisan of Evil and angels to be warriors for Good accept the demagogy of the angels. Things are clearly more complicated."

Musing Muse: (Staring expectantly at Baalberith's head) Can you do that again?

Baalberith: Look at the Cathars, for example.

Musing Muse: Whatever do you mean? The Cathars were essentially Dualists, seeing existence as a constant war between the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Light.

Baalberith: Ah, but their belief was that matter was actually hell and that it was Jehovah who was the dark demiurge who had created matter and who had entrapped souls within its prisons. They saw Men and Women as beings of light, pure spirits trapped within matter created by the diabolic Rex Mundi, King of the World, and it was this demiurge they claimed was worshiped in Rome.

Musing Muse: Are you saying Earth is hell?

Baalberith: I am saying no such thing...

Musing Muse: But...

Baalberith: ...I am saying, the Cathars claimed that Men and Women were being deceived.

Musing Muse: Are they?

Baalberith: What do you think?

Musing Muse: I believe it is you, Baalberith, who are attempting to deceive me.

Baalberith: (Predatory smile) That too, but what do you expect?

Musing Muse: I believe in the Dreaming.

Baalberith: Rex Mundi's dream? A mirage? An illusion?

Musing Muse: No. I believe in THAT. That which happened that made everything that is. It began the Dreaming. And the Dreaming the living...

Baalberith: And the dying.

Musing Muse: Men and Women they are born and they die, but the dream goes on.

Baalberith: (quizzically) Why did you join NCN?

Musing Muse: Hey, wait a minute, how is it that you are the one asking the questions, now?

Baalberith: (innocently) Trickery?

Musing Muse: That figures. Anyway, why did YOU join NCN?

Baalberith: (evil grin) I didn't.

Musing Muse: Hmmm...for some reason, I find that hard to believe.

Baalberith: Well, you know what they say about the road to Hell, don't you?

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25 Aug 2003 @ 04:54 by swan : Great interview Musing Muse!
did you know that Rex Mundi has been seen in the Asylum lately? Or was that an illusion? Gosh...maybe I was just dreaming...hummm is this NCN thing really just a dream too? Now I am not sure of anything...Mars is getting way too close for comfort.....  

26 Aug 2003 @ 07:10 by martha : hahahaha
I sure would like to interview Baalberith but maybe I'll have better luck with Musing Muse. Thanks for the laughs and that reminds me, Loopy needs to get the second part of her interview posted....soon.
Now I need to go to google and find out who the heck Baalberith is!

And a wink back to you FF.  

31 Aug 2003 @ 06:41 by spiritseek : unusual interview
I'm curious about how people can sell their souls when it belongs to God in the first place. Its like selling your neighbors house without his permission. Funny interview but could of been longer, maybe a second interview will come up?  

17 Sep 2003 @ 01:43 by REPSYCHE @ : cathar/albigense/templars
perhaps your respondent could cast some light/shadow on this matter for me; is there a direct link between the cathars, the albigensian heresy and the beliefs of the templars?
also,the catholic church ruthlessly put down an experiment in modern living,( based on the cathar viewpoint),conducted in Languedoc, France in 12th century, I think.  

19 Dec 2006 @ 18:59 by W.Moon @ : Serendipitously time-warped
Just dropped in on the Rex Mundi trail, you know, who, what where, and now Baalberith (sounds familiar)
I'd like to say that I've come to believe that this material existance 'is' the actual Hell. Rex Mundi, Lucifer or whatever the being who runs this show is callling itself now, is just on the payroll of the duelistic God, here to help/hinder us confused souls, until we get it right.
Any thoughts on this Baalberith? Musing Muse? I've enjoyed this.
Oh REPSYCHE,read Holy Blood, Holy Grail, that might answer some of your questions on the history of Cathars and Templars. The authors did their homework.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 10:32 by Nia @ : tqzCuImfvSYgrWOUv
I've thought about this a lot over the years, as you know. And my cerurnt answer is that it just doesn't matter to me. I think having a set/time and place definitely sets a writer up for more success in the long run. But, we're all different. I'm not very good with routines. Maybe I will be one day, but I think being a mom especially has made me realize that if there are a few minutes to do something, then just grab it and go with it.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 14:43 by Shanique @ : VyVOOGHIWEp
I've been following your for over a year now and you are just silpmy fabulous!!! I've learned about new places to shop in Atlanta because of you. I'm in my forties and you style is relatable to me as well as my twenty something daughter. I talk about you to my friends and pull up your blog when her friends come to me for style ideas. You are genuine and awesome!!! Keep up the great work & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!  

30 Jan 2015 @ 01:01 by Clarice @ : rcTkOEpxCTcIrSApXm
Stacy P. / Thank you! I see this all the time in everyone else ha ha. Seriously, huilmity is something that speaks loudly to those who need to hear God's Word, while pride only drives them away. Blessings to you! [url=]ypxdaf[/url] [link=]usekfcw[/link]  

30 Jan 2015 @ 07:47 by Artistika @ : rssvTvzvZVpAkrYOH
Love the video Happy Blogoversary!! I definitely agree with your three leossns. It's so amazing to see how everything changes once you come into your own and just be yourself. I hope to meet you when you are down in Miami! xo  

2 Feb 2015 @ 08:53 by Kayli @ : tubjJoklgekdbbGFX
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