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picture4 May 2003 @ 21:00, by Quidnovi



This is a free-form Roundtable Project. Join in whenever and wherever you feel like it.

The title says it all: connect the dots.


Phase one is easy. Just pick any which one of the chapters below which title inspire you and write the entire chapter (or part of a chapter) as you see fit. Basically whatever you want. If those don't inspire you, feel free to add some chapters of your own (only one rule for this part of the game, just make sure the title is pictographic---Kenji, Sosho style---so as to blend in with the other chapters.) The numbering system basically allows for any chapter to be added just about anywhere depending on what number it is given (ch.005, ch.080, ch.151, etc.)

Phase two Even though it's called "PHASE TWO", this could start as soon as a couple of the "PHASE ONE" chapters have been written and there is no reason for "PHASE ONE" and "PHASE TWO" not to evolve together (depending on what inspires people.) Phase two is the "CONNECT THE DOTS" part of the project, where people who feel so inclined can start hatching new chapters with the purpose of tying some of the existing chapters into ONE coherent story.

Phase three That will be the fine tuning and editing part. Potentially a lot of cutting and pasting and shuffling things around, here. It might be fun. It might be a headache, too. Fortunately, we won't have to worry about that until the very end of the project.


Ch. 010 - IRU (Entering) - Status: Taken [Francis] : In progress

Ch. 030 - SABAKU (Movement - Status: Taken [John] : In progress

Ch. 050 - HYOSHI (Timing) - Status: open

Ch. 070 - UKE (Receiving) - Status: Open

Ch. 090 - KAGE (Shadow) - Status: Open

Ch. 110 - OMOTE/URA (Inside/Outside) - Status: Open

Ch. 130 - SHA (Exponent) - Status: Open

Ch. 150 - YOYU (Critical Margin) - Status: Open

Ch. 180 - HARA (The Center) - Status: Open

Ch. 200 - ZAN (Lingering) - Status: Open

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6 May 2003 @ 13:50 by martha : trouble picking
well francis I think I understand what you are doing here. I'm having trouble picking one. Do I just click on the link and begin? How do I indicate the status like you have done it?  

6 May 2003 @ 22:37 by quidnovi : Good question

1 - Pick a title from the index (or make up one of you own) and just go ahead and enter a new post post.

2 - Enter a new comment in here indicating that you've done so and

- I'll update the link accordingly (or enter a new one) in the index
- I'll indicate that the chapter is taken.
- and I'll try and provide your post with a picture of the relevant kanji (Sosho style) if you haven't done so.

8 May 2003 @ 21:03 by koravya : Selection
Hey Francis,
I'm starting with a few words
in the Sabaku (Movement) chapter.

All right then, Sabaku's yours, John!
(This is getting so interesting.)
---Quid ;-)  

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