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picture4 May 2003 @ 20:57, by Quidnovi

Author(s)/Contributor(s): Quidnovi
Status: in progress
Message: This current chapter has been transferred to the shared universe project launched in Roundtable #2 and will be expanded as part of the Spindrift world.

This post is part of Connect the Dots, a Roundtable project.

"Dusk-Twilight watches over you, you seldom miss a clue."

So says the message inside the second fortune cookie, the waitress just brought me. As it turns out, I am rather clueless tonight...but then "Dusk-Twilight" is a rather capricious muse.

Dusk is commonly believed, among many cultures, to be that time of the day when one may briefly catch glimpses of the unseen. I guess the Chinese culture is no exception.

Tradition has it that Fortune Cookies predate the Ming dynasty and were used to hide secret messages...The problem is that, for some strange reason I just so happen to have eaten mine—the first one brought to me—cookie, message and all. I feel rather silly about it, too. Perhaps I am absent-minded. Sleep-deprived? Bored out of my mind? All of the above?

It's not that I make it a habit of being inattentive, but there will be those times, just like now, when the casual, incidental thing will drift off the radar of my senses. And, not that anyone asked, but weird lapses such as this one are by no means a manifestation of senility or a development of one of those afflictions one usually associates with old age. Do I sound defensive? I shouldn't. After all I am only thirty-eight.

And incidentally, my name is Dusk. Kind of odd, isn't it...?

So, do I believe in meaningful coincidences now? Synchronicity? Ah, but it is thoughts such as this that send my mind wandering off and got me distracted in the first place.

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