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 Roundtable #2 : Welcome to Spindrift5 comments
picture27 Feb 2004 @ 21:47

Spindrift is a palette of visual landmarks and a shared fictional setting (shared universe) for artists and writers interested in developing stories and characters that will evolve within the same co-created universe.  More >

 Shared Universes7 comments
picture22 Feb 2004 @ 15:56
Screenshot: April Ryan, The Longest Journey

A Shared Universe is a system that provides participants with a framework in which to create their own art and literature. As participants refine their skills the co-created universe becomes richer and more rewarding.
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 Roundtable #1: Connect the Dots3 comments
picture4 May 2003 @ 21:00


This is a free-form Roundtable Project. Join in whenever and wherever you feel like it.

The title says it all: connect the dots.

Description:  More >

 TEMPLATE: How to serve a Roundtable for 2 or more0 comments
picture4 May 2003 @ 20:37
A roundtable project is a collaborative project in which two or more writers participate in the writing of a same story.

This is an example of what the Reference Index for such a story could look like (the format would vary depending on the nature of the project.)

The purpose of such a Reference Index is to serve as an anchor from which all the entries relating to a story can be pulled together and from which new directions can be noted as the participants move along with the project.  More >