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category picture27 Mar 2003 @ 20:57
1. PHILOSOPHY: Universal Commonwealth and Abundance
a. Civilizations are based upon a shared philosophy. The mark of a healthy society is its adherence to the standards guided by its ideology.
b. The Asset Based Financial System is based upon a CommonWealth. Thus it relates to a pervasive distribution and redistribution of energy, resources and currency. The CommonWealth operates as a single organism with the purpose of feeding, protecting and empowering its citizens to growth and achievement.
c. The establishment of the philosophy of universal CommonWealth is the crucial mark in the creation the Asset Based Economy. It demands the full force of an Ideology of force to create a revolutionary change in world economic conditions and provide for a global golden age of prosperity and wealth. Thus the Ideology is the establishment of Utopia through the activation of good will and abundance for all.  More >

I have owned this domain since 1996 and have known Flemming since that time. Much has changed and much is the same. I look forward to creating a community which is functional and powerfully connected.

What stays the same is my commitment to developing an economy based upon the creation, formation and operation of an asset based economic philosophy. Debt Money is the cause of many deep and distressing problems. It is time for us to transform to prosperity. [link] search for the Golden Age News

On another level I am working with telepaths who are connected to masters and presenting these thoughts that are located at Streams of Conscious Awareness.

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