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3 Dec 2005 @ 07:06, by Mr X

I'm currently making money online with the following programs:

CompactSurfing -- 13% profit per day, for 9 day cycles = 17% per cycle.
ChoiceSurf -- 8-10% per day, for 15 days = 20% to 50% per cycle.

If you'd like to start earning money online too, for doing next to nothing, visit -and join- the above websites :o)

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3 Dec 2005 @ 12:10 by jazzolog : Congratulations
This appears to be your first article here in over 3 years. In the meantime apparently you've discovered some ways to sustain yourself economically at these sites. It's an interesting way to promote tech, civilization, and hopefully your wellbeing. Continued good luck, and I hope you will keep us posted.  

28 Dec 2005 @ 05:32 by protech : Indeed....
Thank you, Jazzolog...
The Procivilization [with new Article Directory coming soon @ ] is the natural emergence out of the work of The Uni-v.e.r.s.e. -- an Enterprise of Resources and Services for Entrepreneurs with a Vision of Unity. For the time being, it's inherently Business orientated. As we identify functional and simple ways for Participants to "exit the anticivilization", they shift their focus, time, money, and eventually, life into building the Procivilization.

I strongly recommend your participation in the above programs (although FeederFund has just closed to *new* members. It's comfortably making us around 14% per month :o)  

23 May 2006 @ 19:46 by vaxen : And...
you utilise 'alternative currencies' in addition to the bankrupt Americas' federal reserve surety notes called Federal Reserve 'Notes?' In order to escape the ravages of a debt based, fractional reserve, money system this whole predatory system must be challenged and brought to an end!

It would appear that you are making due within this predatory system using their 'funny money' insurance script which you think buys you something?  

28 May 2006 @ 18:14 by protech : Absolutely....
Vaxen, the "whole predatory system" WILL COME to an end, though I doubt the way of being behind it being "BROUGHT to an end" will make it so. Your use of the word brought indicates force, to me, and if the law of attraction that appears to permeate our world and includes "what you resist, persists" then it will be something/someway else that will work.

That "something/someway" to me includes personal empowerment, opting out of the old, opting into the new, and creating opprtunities that didn't previously exist.

You might want to align with us {|insideUniverse} to keep 'in-the-loop' about this...  

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Hello,that is a good post.Thanks for sharing!  

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