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picture4 Apr 2002 @ 18:36, by Rudy Melster

We lead by example. War for my piece is the example. With the taking of 2 eyes for an eye and 2 teeth for a tooth, conflict and destruction can only escalate. Hatred is not innate or predisposed; it has always been learned. So with a desire it can be unlearned also. If no one can begin and lead, change, then the inevitable will come with the amassing of armies, through this prelude, and towards Armageddon.

What can we do? How do we begin? I feel we are part of a revolution. Not a revolution in the traditional sense: confrontation, conflict and force. But an inner revolution; a revolution for the discovery of the 'Self'. Jung's analogy of the collective unconscious comes to mind. The Hawaii Islands that are distinctly separate on the surface of the ocean are commonly connected on the sea floor. So too are we connected to one another collectively, unconsciously. As one's awareness of self develops this becomes more and more realized and separateness dissipates. We can empathize with each other and understand; stop hating, stop feeling superior or inferior, stop wanting to control. We all affect and influence others. So if one or more 'start', this will gradually effect more and more (like the principle of the 100th monkey). Until eventually the majority will have changed, have adopted new ways of approaching these situations of difference.

To ask the question is the first step. I feel the question should be "What do I do?" rather than we. Speaking for myself, I have faith in the individual and find no meaning in doing another's bidding as one of the proverbial 'sheep'. So the response to the question would be: "That is for me to seek and find out," and I can only find out my own answer. Once you have asked the question and begin to look, sooner or later something will cross your path, that you will recognize, and guide you to your next step.

P.S. If you have exposure to a Christian background (and even if you don't) and are looking, I can suggest something to read where you may find some clues: Mathew, chapters 5-7 :-

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4 Apr 2002 @ 21:28 by kay : Amen, so be it.
With desire, hatred can be unlearned. We begin right where we are. Glad to see you around again.  

4 Apr 2002 @ 23:07 by shawa : Uphold the Light... what we must do. Especially NOW, especially in here, at NCN.  

5 Apr 2002 @ 01:10 by invictus : I hear you.
I guess it's up to us to change and find a way for the human race to unlearn it. The question, and what we are all trying to figure out, is how exactly to do so. If no one else can, we'll find a way. We HAVE to.  

12 Apr 2002 @ 01:45 by kay : upholding the light and figuring out how
....right where we at NCN....We are a reflection of the world. We talk about love and peace and goodwill and what is wrong with our world but unless we begin where we are and heal these spaces then I doubt if we are qualified to heal the bigger picture. We have to find a way to uphold the light right where we are. Interacting with each other in meaningful ways is a start.  

14 Apr 2002 @ 23:14 by vaxen : The light?
Well, you are certainly right about that kay...but what on earth is the 'light' that we should be holding up? It seems to me that the damned *light* is the cause of most of the *darkness* going on in this 'transient' world. As far as being human and caring and considerate and helping, and all of that, I do do that wherever I am in the 'real' world. I am trying to do that in cyber space as well. Too often I hear people mouthing on and on about the *light.* Analog and simile and symbols are mazes wherein one can become trapped in the infertility of 'cliche.' Most of the Gladiators involved in the ongoing 'spectacle' in the, so called Middle East, (Like where, just where, is it 'Middle East' from?) believe themselves to be harbingers of (Here we go again...) *The Light.* What light? They all bring, and have brought, nothing but the scourge of war from whence the ever loving, and concealing, *darkness* is the only respite that many of the injured maimed and murdered have! I love the *darkness!* It is within the darkness that the light is enfolded! Light comes out of darkness not the other way around. Confusing the word 'light' with ethics and morality is an illusion of another sort meant to confuse and disinform. Light is neither 'evil' nor is it 'good.' It can be relative...too much 'light' can kill just as too much 'darkness' can drive one insane...all is relative, there are no absolutes. panta rheii (everything flows); even this trumped up war for profit. I really doubt that anyone here, or anywhere, is willing, or able, to do what it will take to end the illigitimacy of the present enthroned oligarchies worldwide. No who you are where you are and know the rest to be nothing but a lie. When the dogs of war, or whatever, come and knock on your door deal with them then. The Chinese 'Book of Changes' or 'Changes of Chou' mentions that: "Good manners succeed even with thieves and cutthroats." ;) Cheer up!  

14 Apr 2002 @ 23:18 by vaxen : PS:
Gautama Buddhas teachings as well as the ancient Aryan Vedas and so forth do mention that 'desire' is the 'cause' of all suffering. Do'nt know if you wish to apply that here or even wish to understand it in its' deeper purports...thought I'd add it anyway. Good luck, Rudy Meister, in finding *your* way.  

14 Apr 2002 @ 23:50 by ov : Matrix5 balances light and dark
Just came across this site and the book Matrix 5, intriques me enough
that I think I might get it. It sounds like yet another view of the
same ascension process that many others are trying to describe as
well. The book is well indexed with lots of content so I suspect that
it has more of a defined cohesion than some of the others. Anybody familiar with this material.

This quote from the welcome page mentions how the light is as bad as the dark and how we must balance the two:

"We have to walk BOTH Dark and Light experiences in order to reach Balance. Unless you've had incarnational experiences in both, you could not find Balance. Dark and Light are opposite expressions. Both are rabidly controlling as they fear Balance most of all. While the choice to choose is part of the Higher Selves incarnational path, the polarities have been trying to circumvent that choice, especially since all this alien technology has been turned against the populace to get them to conform to the polarities. Control is Dark, but the Light uses it (iron fist in velvet glove, sin/guilt, etc). These are VERY dangerous times due to this - electronic mind controls, fluoride and other chemicals, etc. This is also what is behind the End of the World AS WE KNOW IT. Dark would like us to be like a Star Trek Borg world. Light would like us to be like sheep, mindless followers. BOTH are anti-Higher Self."


More descriptions and hopefully a live link :-)



15 Apr 2002 @ 01:20 by shawa : OV, thanks for the link.
Very interesting. Actually, I´m ordering the book.  

15 Apr 2002 @ 02:14 by jazzolog : Is America Immune?
Today's Inspiration for Sunday, April 14, 2002

" Without a spiritual basis, every system disintegrates. Any branch that does not bear fruit will fall off the tree. We mustn’t think America is immune to the viruses that destroy nations, any more than any of us are immune to the flu if it’s coming through town. Many of the things that most of us were brought up to think 'could never happen here,' have already begun to happen: dangerous scapegoating, violent hate crimes, small-minded intolerance for the views of others. At what point are symptoms seen as signs of critical disease? And at what point do we wake up enough to know that without treatment this disease will destroy us? It is more important that we renew dignified and respectful dialogue with those who do not agree with us than that we keep slavishly congratulating those who have the wisdom to see things our way. "

--Marianne Williamson
From page 222 of her book: Illuminata

29 Apr 2002 @ 15:35 by finny : The Shadow of the Light
It is the denial of the darkness that gives it it's power. Relegious/spiritual zealots are often in total denial that they may harbour murderous intentious or likewise. Yet throughout history relegious fundelmentalists have raped, pilaged, and murdered, in the name of God.  

29 Apr 2002 @ 22:29 by mmmark : Integration
Rudy, I think you have written a good motivation here, but I would like to clarify a point or two. Aren’t we needing to integrate ourselves back into resonance with life and one another?

We have been suffering from disconnection and alienation due to the false sense of competition humanity has devised in the name of self-interest, usually in the form of money which has us doing this dance. And there are too many "sheep" dancing to the tune of money for my money, because we have no common ethical/philosophical standard of behavior, or motive, to be people of quality. As human integrity has waned, so our social systems have deteriorated where they are all dysfunctional, so we review the state of Earthly affairs and know we have to live in different ways – bringing on the quiet revolution of responsible consciousness. Without an ethical basis of existence the species cannot endure, nor will any social organization become victorious without one. The moral component is missing.

As we have been raised with an emphasis on individual potential, we are good at understanding how achievement is made on a personal basis, yet it seems that we are lacking experience in working collectively. We can all be model leaders of the pack, but that won’t be workable unless we have a sense of our collective interdependence to make a joint and mutual success. We must all be leading in the same direction.

We do begin by asking good questions and answering them in order to pioneer methods not known at this time. The maturing mind will be more discriminating and set a healthier standard of performance and expectation. I my investigation it seems vital that we find a Universal framework upon which to set the diversity of human activity with the first order of concern to support an equitable standard of living for the current 6 billion people. That series of survival tasks constitutes all the social pursuits that we must manage. This is the major thread of our mutual labor to be discovered and controlled in harmony with Nature, although they are not recognized as such in the majority of minds, it remains the political challenge of the immediate future.

We must first be able to walk our talk and do our part by reforming ourselves as components of the Cosmic system and then we will be fit to join hands for the next evolutionary step, building our social potential in cooperative spirit for mutual health.  

13 Jun 2003 @ 06:31 by istvan : It has been a long time since
these were posted.Rudy where are you?  

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