Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi blackmail, torture, murder    
 Fbi blackmail, torture, murder
1 Mar 2017 @ 10:17, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi, blackmail, torture, murder,etc.

Fbi/cia control the USA government by blackmail, threats, torture, assaults (mental and physical) and assassinations. Thus, as the people study the evidence without fear the clear conclusion of the present police state as forged by fbi/cia is that the United States government is overthrown from within, but with the full cooperation of the fools in congress and SCOTUS.

One might ask, “how is it possible for the fbi to so easily intimidate all employees in government and to control the general population?” The answer is that the congress and the courts (especially the federal district courts and the federal magistrate judges (fmj) are afraid to tell the fbi to stop their crimes against the people. The fmj who issued the fraudulently obtained order against me exemplifies the total corruption and cowardice of all fmj in the country.

The fbi fabricates a parade of ‘horribles’ on political dissidents, whistleblowers et al., and presents the alarming data to the fmj who sits highly paid in his ‘comfy’ office at the discretion and with the implied approval of the fbi. An example of fabricated and patently false medical report by a medical doctor who is an apparent operative of the fbi is here:

Other doctors operating as fbi associates also contributed false records on me at the direction of fbi (EG: Dr. Waldman, NYC). Additionally, the fbi plants evidence of a crime and places my name at the scene- see my reports on crimes against me by USPI Knipfing and Texas DPS Rodriquez. These two high level cops personify with their fbi handlers the police state USA, as they come into my home and threaten me and my wife in efforts to intimidate us.

See also the gigantic corruption at UT Harlingen where UT cops Bleier & Wilson join with the fbi in a decade long assault and battery against me in failed efforts to try to arrest me on any charge. See [link]
and parts a,b,c.
( note that a Military Intelligence thug assists in efforst to present false police reports on me on campus.)

I also learned that the fbi fabricates such false records against me and others and then presents the data to a fmj who eagerly issues his orders in secret for the purpose of forcing a final exit. Such abusive process is waiting for anyone in the fbi’s crosshairs. The implied threat of blackmail is another tool used by the fbi to control SCOTUS and congress. The fbi accesses the false records that they created and spreads the information everywhere against me. Even other doctors and dentists are provided with the fictitious data and are defensive and rude toward me. Examples:'sreports.html
Dr. McRoberts, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Morocco, et al.

These are the kinds of crimes by fbi that threaten everyone.
For more lessons that I have learned about how the intelligence community seizes power in the USA see:

Introduction to Lessons Learned:


fbi’s Neutralization Horrors: the fbi uses a variety of methods to torture and discreetly kill Targets. I am still trying to determine how many of my ailments may be attributed to DEW (directed energy energy)/microwave/extremely low frequency soundwave attacks. Fbi sends terrorist message to me to expect in the end a heart attack.


Corruption of Media, including your favorite talk show personalities whose sickening smiles obscure their knowledge of atrocities that they are not allowed to mention on air in their fluff news entertainment shows:


Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the murderous plots and assaults of fbi/cia/police everywhere.

Overthrown USA Government:


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