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 Credit Police Where Due
picture14 Dec 2016 @ 17:48, by Geral W. Sosbee

On 12/8/16 *I thanked the police in McAllen, Texas, for assisting in efforts to stop toxic substances from entering my residence. The police report which follows my request is numbered 2016-00085424.
On 12/13/16 I met by chance the Commander of the same police department and he apparently studied my site at
The fbi then punished me for my contact with the Commander by increasing the sleep deprivation assault via ELF all night on the same night.
Submitted for the record.



      MR. VICTOR RODRIGUEZ:                                                    
Mr. Victor Rodriguez

Chief of Police

1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd. 

McAllen, TX 78501

Reference: Appreciation Message


Dear Chief Rodriguez,

I hope that the office of the Chief of Police may convey to the outstanding Detective/Investigator C. VARGAS (#6973) my most sincere gratitude and the appreciation of my wife for his investigation of a complex matter recently confronting us.

I have known many police officers in my life, and I have never met one until now (in the person of Detective Vargas) who possesses these fundamental qualities:

professional law enforcement demeanor, ability to listen to the fine details of an unusual matter, keen awareness of the implications of the situation under scrutiny, polite, thorough, personable, helpful, kind and exemplary in all respects of the highest ideals of police personnel.

I believe that Detective Vargas reflects the superb leadership of the McAllen, Texas, Police Department, and I am sure that his outstanding work brings great credit to the Department, to the Chief’s office and to the city.

Thank you.
Geral W. Sosbee

Attorney, Texas License 18855625

P.O. Box 3834

McAllen, Texas 78502

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