Geral W. Sosbee: America Is Under Siege By fbi/cia/cops    
 America Is Under Siege By fbi/cia/cops
picture30 Nov 2016 @ 19:31, by Geral W. Sosbee

Preface: This report seeks to:

1) honor my very best friend in the world and the single most positive influence (aside from my incredible wife) in my life for over fifteen (15) years: the Splendid Barbara Hartwell

2) highlight the murderous insanity that sweeps across the country by the fbi and their minions in the so called law enforcement community (i.e., cops)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Barbara Hartwell


No man has ever appreciated more than I a lasting, abiding and wonderful friendship of the kind that I enjoy and cherish in the company of my friend Barbara Hartwell. The report shown in the above link by Barbara is another example of her loyalty to me and her constant friendship to a colleague under fire, me. Simply stated, Barbara Hartwell is a national treasure, a champion of liberty & human rights, a soldier of the highest order for all that is holy and graceful in the universe, and my f r i e n d.
Thank you Barbara, though no words may capture my eternal gratitude for your work and your closeness to my heart.

I have previously documented how the fbi corrupts the criminal justice system (CJS), all federal judges (& federal Magistrate Judges) at will, all cops and district attorneys/US Attorneys and others throughout government and the private sector. The fbi also co-opts citizens to engage in attacks on political Targets, and uses a variety of weapons to kill people. Such tactics include assaults with bio-chem-viral-directed energy weaponry and, of course, outright murder by firearms. The fbi trains and indoctrinates all police leaders in the arts of mayhem and murder.

This madness is punctuated by the absurd notion spread by the fbi with media assistance that the police and the fbi are justified in killing suspects. Indeed, the circuitous and fallacious reasoning regularly spewed on popular news programs tries to legitimize murder of our people by the cops and the fbi at every turn. Of course the SCOTUS also encourages such killings as per their law on the legality of murdering a suspect fleeing in his car. In this regard, if I see detective Posada, or Bleier & Wilson, or fbi serial killers chasing me from behind my car, my first impulse might be to run from the maniacs. Then, they can rely on the SCOTUS law to kill me ‘justifiably’.

No killing of a suspect by cops/fbi is ever justified because:

1) Other means exist for the arrest of a suspect
2) Cops and fbi are more deadly than most suspects because the law enforcement community regularly, habitually and often for sport pursue in felonious attacks their imaginary, possible future misdemeanants, all of whom are innocent, or presumed innocent 100% of the time
3) Cops and fbi are so completely out of control that something must be done to stop their madness; note that the media almost always bring forth the very criminally insane fbi spokesmen (such as former assistant directors) to defend the cops who kill our people


My last encounters with the criminally minded cops were as follows:

My hour long meeting with Detective Posada was a most humbling experience, as I sat there in a chair, next to my wife, as Posada threatened and insulted me repeatedly (I and my wife were trying at the time to report vandalism of our car);

My hour long meeting with USPI Knipfing and Texas DPS Rodriguez when they came into my home to threaten us for non- extant offenses that were actually orchestrated and perpetrated by the fbi as a ruse to send the thugs (Knipfing & Rodriguez) to threaten me; once again, I was required to be quiet, answer their ludicrous questions and suffer the indignity of their presence in my home, all such police activities were unlawful and criminal.

** So, let the world know that the United States of America is engaged in a foreign and domestic crime spree unprecedented in human affairs, even as the thugs in fbi/police communities seek to emasculate all men under their purview. I am not allowed at this point to add my personal advice to all men who find themselves in similar circumstances, except as I have written here:**

Thank you, Dear Barbara Hartwell

Thanks to all who study this material and may
** Providence protect, defend and give comfort to men and women everywhere who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned or murdered by the fbi and their kind globally.**


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