Geral W. Sosbee: fbi assassins/friends on my case 24/7    
 fbi assassins/friends on my case 24/7
picture28 Nov 2016 @ 19:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report is predicated on the fbi’s continuing terrorist assaults on me including attacks 24/7 by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), psychological operations (‘psyops’) and constant assaultive surveillance and harassment by police and neighbors (viz: assaults by neighbors, remote manipulation of car’s robotic features, vandalism, etc). Note, however, that recent police responses to my complaints against the fbi thugs and their vigilante assassins have been more positive.

Other corrupt and apparently criminally insane cops such as those whom I have previously documented include USPI Knipfing & and his sidekick, Texas DPS Rodriguez, who came into my home to threaten me and my wife, knowing full well that the fbi is responsible for planting my name at the scene of an alleged crime in Dallas; to this day Knipfing continues to unlawfully refuse my request for Open Records access to his fraudulent report on me.

Also, the notorious UT cops Bleier & Wilson will always be remembered for their fraudulent “BOLO” by which the dirty duo energized the entire UT campus (library, police, security guards, janitor) against me for a decade.


See my other reports on Brownsville, Texas, Detective Adrian Posada who under the heavy influence of the fbi threatened to arrest me and my wife for in his words, “filing a false police report”. Posada exemplifies the complete corruption of the police nationwide en queue by fbi hoodlums, as he also instructs me to “take the medication”. The DA and his investigator Delauney also engaged in illegal operations against me as they stayed in contact with fbi thugs. Other fbi criminals include Alonzo Yanez who coordinated his criminal assault & battery of my person with the full cooperation of the UT police, fbi, et al.

See also the false medical report from a man who seems to be acting for the fbi as he creates his charts on me: [link]

Note that the same doctor also asked my wife on a separate date what she thinks of my fbi reports. He was apparently fishing for evidence that he might be able to use against this US Army veteran/ Target of fbi covert operations. [link]

The same doctor today works for the VA, caring for veterans who surely need to be very careful of their statements to the doctor.

The fbi continues their efforts to kill me by pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I go. I have been forced to move close to 20 times in 15 years, four in the past 6 months within the same complex (including an upcoming move in December, 2017).


So, one might understand that I and many others have been and are today deprived of the essential liberties set forth in many laws, a few of which are listed here: [link]

See the Guarantees enumerated in the USA Constitution & the Bill of Rights

Consider Essential liberties as embracing:

Life, liberty & pursuit of happiness,

freedom from murderous government sponsored oppression ( i.e., torture, forced suicide, assassination ).

From my writ at the next link, note that today wicked men in high office and wielding life and death power over all people, are ambitious of their power, even as they display a contempt of law unprecedented in our country’s history.

Today our nation faces its darkest hour:

The names or descriptions of many fbi operatives, including cops, informants, et al., are found throughout “My Story In Detail” and their names will live in infamy for their dirty deeds. Many more are in your neighborhood.

Thank you and may Providence protect and provide comfort to all who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned and killed by the fbi and their murderous associates globally.

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