Geral W. Sosbee: Another Compelling Issue On Election Day, USA    
 Another Compelling Issue On Election Day, USA
picture8 Nov 2016 @ 02:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

Speak not to me of the need to lock up, imprison or kill persons accused of crimes, until this nation prosecutes all police and fbi employees & operatives  who engage in high crimes in domestic, clandestine operations. The Director of the fbi himself should be imprisoned along with hundreds of his secret agents, police  and operatives who engage in countless high crimes against me and many others.

Across the country the police and fbi often pursue imagined future misdemeants who are feloniously attacked or murdered by the fanatical and cowardly  ' boys and girls'  in blue. The carnage on our streets by fbi and cops is supported by the dark figures in black robes who sit  in SCOTUS. Many other crimes by fbi and police are hidden by media in sinister conspiracy with police and fbi.

Such offenses include torture, forced suicide while being monitored, false imprisonment, murder by trained homicidal psychopaths, extensive surveillance with  home invasions and dirty tricks therein which are designed to drive the victim insane.

In the real world of the USA police state the main street media is party  to the ongoing atrocities that I document. So are police, judges, lawyers, Chancellors,medical doctors, dentists and ordinary-coopted citizens. See, for example,  my reports on cops such as USPI KNIPFING AND HIS SIDEKICK RODRIGUEZ ( Texas DPS ),  UT police Bleier and Wilson, Brownsville Detective Posada,  Cruz, and thugs Eusebio Contreras & Alonzo Yanez. 

See my documentations of how otherwise well intentioned and quasi honorable people become accessories to fbi's treasonous and criminal conduct: parts 19, a,b,c, 20, of "My Story In Detail", beginning at 

(Note that Directed Energy Weaponry , i.e."DEW",  assaults against me continue  today and are severe and life threatening. Current additional symptoms include loss of balance and feeling faint from sleep deprivation, irregular heart beat and a jump in blood pressure, possible diabetes, loss of hearing, and cataracts.)

Also understand that the fbi ordered library officials at Brownsville Public Library to stay out of the way while one of the fbi's counterintelligence plans  was carried out by assassins who sought to provoke me repeatedly over a period of years. In one such instance the same fbi operative who pumped toxic fumes into my residence, trying to kill me and my wife, actually sat next to me at the computer terminal; another thug from fbi sat on the other side of me, and yet at least one other 'witness' for fbi sat nearby. When the aforementioned assassin entered the library (following me at the fbi's directions) my wife spotted her and knew what was going on; she came into the computer room with video running in efforts to assist me and to demonstrate to the clandestine operatives/assassins that we are two. Other similar instances have been repeatedly staged by fbi. 

"Unde's unul, nu e putere. Unde's dos puterea creste y dusmanul nu sporeste."

As I struggle against the effects of fbi crimes, including DEW, I understand that this is not the time to make kind gestures, nor political platitudes; so, I occasionally try to  coherently make descriptive metaphorical references to the very low, cut throat and psychotic assassins of the fbi/cia who have overthrown the government of the United States of America, who threaten me and by extrapolation all men/women, and whom I have come to know all too well over the past 30 years. 

The 'still sad music of humanity' is today made even more cacophonic from the screeching wails of the victims of fbi/cia/dod/nsa/nsc global atrocities and crimes against humanity the world over. Their cries echo throughout the infinite spaces because the Gods cannot rest until supreme injustices are answered in kind by a force from the heavens.

No man who ever in good faith  served with devotion to the USA may accept the unconscionable and truly  cowardly offenses of the fbi/police   whose foolish &  distorted notion of their  service to the USA  is to engage in countless felonious assaults against political and ideological Targets in our society. The men and women sent by the fbi to harm me and many others are unfit to be citizens here, and they should be locked up as criminally insane. See my report at,  at

This includes judges, doctors, lawyers, police,  academics and citizenry. I have previously  outlined specific examples to support these assertions. See my thousands of reports on line, at, my WRIT,  etc.,  including my sworn affidavits dated 2007 and 2014.  See also the outrageously false medical report from Dr. Holder who questions my sanity for reporting fbi crimes,  and who now is entrusted to care for other injured or disabled vetetans.

The fbi's  corruption of Law and Society that I have witnessed is so incredible that on some occasions I was reluctant to report the crimes because I thought that the USA could not survive widespread exposure of the pure evil and murderous  fascism that are represented in my descriptions of fbi heinous crimes .

Even now, after three decades of harassment, assaults, torture by DEW, and discreet attempts on my life, the fbi continues their painful high tech attacks and their inhumane psychological operations against me. So, I at long last conclude that society and our people join with the police community as though  Living Dead in mindless sadistic  pursuit of new victims to destroy. See my report at entitled, "Let My People Go".

We have a pathetic dilemma, election day 2016,  as common criminals in the employ of fbi, members of the public and insane cops wield and use  batons, guns and fbi badges, and with the authority  of corrupt  federal Magistrate Judges attack innocent people.

The authorities 

1)completely corrupt law and order

2)disparage the military and civilian records of men who supported and defended the USA and  human, civil, and constitutional rights guaranteed by the US Constitution

3)engage in psychotic episodes against the people for show, for sport, or for other secret agenda. See my papers at,

As I am one such political  Target, I proclaim that those who assist the thugs of fbi in attacking me are guilty of the same crimes as the fbi agents, operatives and street hoodlums who relentlessly and criminally assault me. So, as one reads my reports, kindly discover that our society is riddled with criminals who assist the police and the fbi in their own unconscionable crime spree. For this reason I state that we should not arrest anyone unless and until the fbi and their kind are held accountable for their covert crimes against us.

And who is this writer to bring such allegations against so many prople? I am one of a very few capable, qualified, experienced and equipped persons to indict the thugs of this country which include in their numbers  possibly even you who read this post.


Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused or tortured or killed by fbi / cia/police community .

Geral Sosbee 

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