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 fbi/cjis Hooligans
picture5 Nov 2016 @ 08:34, by Geral W. Sosbee

fbi/cjis hooligans and assassins

Submitted by gsosbee on Sat, 2016-11-05 04:23
The fbi and its cradled & fanged baby CJIS manufactures fictitious files on Targets and thereby intimidates or blackmails congress, the courts and millions of people globally. Indeed, most individuals and nearly all in government so completely fear the thugs of fbi that no objection is voiced even in the face of fbi's own widespread institutional fraud and corruption. Thus, the one event that is most troublesome for the psychopathic liars in fbi is t r u t h which represents the real intelligence of the messenger.

The person who is most capable of reporting the truth about the fbi and its CJIS is one who is in fearless pursuit of fbi tyrants. As J. Krishnamurti wrote, "That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything.".

The fbi has taken all from me, except my last breath, and they covet that event. When all the people stop fearing the fbi, then their files will be open and the world will discover Pandora's Box as never before imagined. By releasing the contents of the fbi/cjis dirty little files, the people may discover by inference additional macabre and devilish activities that the fbi cloaks under the term 'intelligence operations'. Only when all such data, written and implied, is revealed to the world may we learn that hope for mankind is alive.

As I have demonstrated for thirty years and counting, the fbi and its CJIS is the most vicious group of murderers and record keepers the world has ever known. Once the fbi indexes a name, that Target is potentially subject to a lifetime of harassment, intimidation, or worse. As the fbi agents are cowardly and thoroughly programmed to imprison or kill our brothers and sisters for no justifiable cause, all of us must put the fbi under a microscope for further examination. Their fraudulent stings for show, exploitation of power over political rivals/whistleblowers and illegal operations in efforts to fabricate crimes against Targets such as I are commonplace and must be exposed as quasi satanic. The fbi operates their crime syndicate globally and they especially enjoy the use of other governments, all police and Interpol in order to further their inhumane and sadistic games which utilize torture, imprisonment, forced suicide while fbi monitors and murder. Note that Federal Magistrate Judges are often guilty as accessories to many high crimes committed by the fbi.

Perhaps we may see someday that those of us who are targeted for torture, mayhem and death by the fbi, the police, prosecutors and judges, are by far more 'pure and chaste from afar' than those who destroy their lives and kill them.
See my report on the 'Age of Madness.'

See also my several papers, including my medical clearances, at .

In recognition of all who seek to expose the awful truth about the unconscionable activities of the fbi/cjis, I hereby express my eternal gratitude for the recent *momentum campaign begun by a person who supports my work to expose the fbi, their special agents, etc., as human monsters in the tradition of Nazi's Himmler, Mengele Goebbels and Goering (founder of the Gestapo in 1933, the same year J. Edgar Hoover created an American style secret Gestapo during the Roosevelt/Truman era).
ThE momentum effort is well received by sentient beings everywhere who recognize that our world cannot tolerate the incessant and ubiquitous inhumanity shown by fbi/cia and their cult of death.

The fbi thugs at CJIS are clearly fidgety by such attention (as shown in the momentum effort) to their crimes. The fbi/cjis routinely notifies me of their displeasure with my work, as shown in their several notices to me such as the one shown below. See my report here on the message previously sent to me by the retarded Fbi & their cjis who demand respect:

Here is yesterday's message to me from the murderous hooligans from their enclave in West Virginia:

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Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused, tortured or killed by fbi.

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