Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi intensifies their treacherous crime spree    
 Fbi intensifies their treacherous crime spree
picture28 Oct 2016 @ 14:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report focuses on the fbi's cruelty and on their global efforts to prevent the people from seeing the awful truth of my reports.

Fbi's insanity shows in its own global threats against anyone who reveals the fbi's murderous ways.

The fbi, desperate to disparage and discredit my online documentaries, is busy globally placing fraudulent notices about in different languages; here is one example from fbi's Chinese linguist/operative (translation into English follows).
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Sosbee vs. FBI就是Geral W. Sosbee的“FBI和CIA都是恐怖分子”的网页。该网站看起来似乎是一个精神病患者设计的,不过阅读一下这个网页你就会明白这是怎么回事了。在史上十大垃圾网站中Sosbee vs. FBI排名第六哦!
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"ChineseWebsite LOGO Popularity: 2612
Sosbee vs. FBI is Geral W. Sosbee the "FBI and CIA are terrorists" page. The site seems to be a psychopath design, but reading about this page and you'll understand that this is how it happens. In the history of the top ten spam Ranked sixth Sosbee vs. FBI Oh!
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Wikipedia also continues a decade of hiding my material from their global, public database, despite efforts from persons who seek objective coverage of fbi's crime spree which include *torture & murder.

* The fbi over the past two weeks increases assaults on me (both physical and psychological ), particularly using directed energy weaponry (DEW) which frequently keeps me awake all night and in bed fighting for sleep all day. Concomitant with the sleep deprivation, the fbi engages in discreet 'gaslighting ' wherein the fbi deranged killer/psychopath who is assigned to monitor my reactions to torture 24/7/365 performs the following trick:

He sends a typical notice of impending sleep deprivation by changing channels on the TV at the very moment that I turn away from the TV . Other methods used to notify me of impending extreme sleep deprivation are: open trunk of my car by remote, interfere with my phone calls, let air out of my car's tire, drive nails/screws into the tires.
Additionally, the fbi routinely sends thugs to brush by me from behind as I walk in the mall shopping area. Provocations by assassins is ongoing virtually everywhere I go.

Many dentists and doctors have abused, insulted, tortured, or refused me service due to fbi slander campaign. Two dentists also attempted to kill me.

I recently learned that at least one dentist paid an online group of doctors to release to that dentist all medical records on me. These records included notes from the fbi's own operatives acting as medical doctors. The records so released are patently false, but when medical records are provided to another doctor, he accepts the findings as factual. Besides, he pays for them and then insults me the next time I seek dental treatment.
Thus, efforts to escape from the fbi's libel campaign are useless. Only a few doctors ignore the fbi's reports that are delivered via fbi doctors.

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