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 USA under fascist & murderous rule
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The Destruction of America By FBI And Their Associates

-Year 2000, SCOTUS case # 534US894-


From the time I left the fbi in 1978, to the  present, the fbi pursued a criminally motivated vendetta against me, even harassing me in law school. The details of the torture and attempted murder of my person are presented in my website, my affidavits 2007/2014, my WRIT,  and my thousands of reports online such as the paper entitled, "What Would You Do If".

Below are some of the highlights of fbi's corruption of courts, congress and other parties who could cooperate with and provide evidence on behalf of  this victim of fbi's unparalleled and incredible criminal campaign for revenge.

In my civil court case against fbi  in Los Angeles in the year 2000 the following facts are recorded:

On July 3, 2000, I presented my case and on July 6, 2000, the judge denied relief and dismissed the case with prejudice. SCOTUS later denied my WRIT.

The presiding  judge in LA federal district court was fully aware that the fbi conducted covert operations and blanket, assaultive surveillance and numerous crimes against me for a decade. He knew that the fbi McLean Affidavit was false and that government attorney Robinson pursued personal  attacks on me without properly  addressing the merits of my case. 

The hostile  decision by the judge, the unprofessional conduct of the US Attorney (USA),  the false declaration of fbi's McLean, the mean spirited  and secretive demeanor of the USA and the judge himself all suggest the complete corruption of the judiciary and all portend the destruction of America that we once knew and respected. That time is gone and so is the integrity of our three branches of government. 

In the next link visualize  how the fbi operative, Brian Doyle, could have proven that the fbi fraudulently pursued their covert assaults on me, but he  ignored my subpoena, failed to show, and subverted my efforts to present his evidence at the hearing. The judge scoffed at my objection to this travesty. Also note that certain police records were available in court which could have confirmed fbi involvement in forcing me to live on the streets, and were also kept out of evidence by the corrupt judge.

Additionally, the judge himself (as shown in the next link) tried to solicit irrelevant testimony from me, instead of providing me with a fair hearing. He thereby deviated from court protocol by engaging in open court harassment of me. After his little quasi harangue, the judge continued efforts to defend the very criminals  and torturers of the fbi (the defendants) who terrorized me then and who continue the same crime spree  now. See:


Dozens  of witnesses are mentioned or referenced in my reports that  confirm the fbi clandestine activities against me which the Court sought to obscure. 

The aggrieved plaintiff (me) continued for the next 16 years, (after the corrupt hearing in Real's court) to date and possibly for the remainder of my life to sustain serious injuries and attempts on my  life. The judge no doubt entertained ex parte meetings with fbi hoodlums and also knew that one of the Federal Magistrate Judges in his court house had authorized the fbi's crime spree that I tried to present in court.

Fbi's counsel Sara H. Robinson, having no defense to the criminals charges against the fbi,  speciously and fraudulently

1) attacks me repeatedly with  Ad hominem  smears and

 2) asserts her  irrational,  'even if ',  diatribe


Her associate on the same day feloniously lies for the 

f b i. Fbi's own  SA Monica L. McLean boldly and definitively swears that as of the June 16, 2000 no fbi investigation exists anywhere by fbi concerning Geral W. Sosbee. This statement was a complete and damnable lie.


Robinson  put on quite the show in unlawful efforts to discredit both my case and me personally. She and the judge exemplify the pure evil and fascist mentality that allows the fbi to commit atrocities in the USA with total impunity.

The court, contrary to the judge's assertion, did not consider the demeanor of the witnesses, nor the evidence because the judge and fbi  blocked witnesses from appearing, prevented the evidence in court from being introduced and prejudicially & unethically took over the hearing, thereby preventing me from presenting my case for a preliminary injunction. So, the judge clearly lies here:


Also, note how Judge Real incessantly and improperly asked me, " Why would the fbi be interested in you."  Judge Real was at those moments  a traitorous, quasi  'operative in crime'  for the fbi assassins.

Regarding the fbi counsel's spurious pleadings and subterfuge, the following instances are noted.(See above cited /pagea18.html ). Robinson's legal reasoning in part makes my case as she cites the law relating to irreparable injury.

The 'possibility of irreparable injury and the likelihood of success'  (in Robinson's words) of my case in chief would have been easily established, if the judge had not been so completely corrupted by fbi. See Robinson's pleadings where she inadvertently makes the legal point mentioned above that militates in my favor even today. She argues that I did not show irreparable injury. Of course no such showing would have been possible, if the fbi were successful in efforts to kill me. So, the law itself allows the fbi and the judge  to murder  potential whistleblowers, and Robinson thrives on that law.

The sworn, false  testimony of McLean also represents in itself the filthy corruption generally  of all the fbi's documents in many cases in which the fbi is a party. 

Covert fbi intelligence operations are conducted in secret by definition and Mc!ean knew it. Any person, agency or group, any operative, informant, or street thug who conducts activity at the direction of or with the implied consent of the fbi, actually represents the fbi as though the Director of fbi himself conducts the activity. We must not allow the fbi and their agents and operatives to turn into 'MAFIA, or the infamous demon, Mr. Hyde' (  Author‎: ‎Robert Louis Stevenson‎)  when convenient for the fbi to commit and cover up their heinous  crimes.

For more on the subversion of law, the high jacking of my life, the corruption of criminal law, etc., with the full  complicity of Judge Real et al., see my many papers at:

I conclude, therefore, from decades of fbi imposed suffering that the members of Congress whom I contacted  and members of the courts to whom I appealed are actually  (in their transparent cover up of decades of crimes by the fbi against me) guilty of treason and misprision of endless  felonies. These leaders in Congress include many 'respectable' members such as Cornyn, Becerra, Hutchison, Sessions, et al. The judges include Real, all who sit in the Appeals Court and all in SCOTUS. In a way all of these cowardly, power seeking officials are guilty as accessories to all enumerated  crimes against me continuing to date because they are on notice of said offenses. Judicial Immunity is a license for judges to engage in crimes against humanity by proxy.

They all bear guilt for the continuing  torture and attempted murder of my person by fbi over the past 15-30 years. They (i.e. courts & congress) are de facto criminals because I personally notified them of the fbi's heinous offenses, and  in breach of duty they did nothing and do nothing today. At this moment the inhumane attacks by space based weaponry continue against this veteran who innocently defended the evil United States of America on the battlefield. The main law enforcement group in USA are criminals who seek out victims to justify their miserable existence.


Alas, the Federal Magistrate Judges are among the most dangerous, highly placed human monsters among us because they, pretending to represent justice,  regularly wear their black robes to serve the dark and macabre agenda of fbi's own serial killers. All such federal Magistrate Judges  who assisted the fbi in terrorizing me from the time that I was an attorney in El Paso, Dallas, los Angeles, and the Rio Grand Valley, Texas, should be fired and face criminal trials for their Gestapo type, unconscionable crimes that I have fully documented. All other judges and government attorneys like Robinson should be required to speak the truth for once in their lives.

Thus, anyone who has time to study my material must conclude that the USA, under siege by fbi, is not a constitutional democracy; that  instead this nation is a murderous fascist state using thugs and assassins in fbi, USPI, local & state cops (including University of Texas cops 'Bleier & Wilson' and Detective Posada of Brownsville, Texas) congress & courts and ordinary street criminals to silence or to intimidate me.

So, the nightmare life forced on me and others  by the thugs and miscreants in the fbi, congress and courts  continues to this moment, while the fbi and their friends in government pursue their own petty agenda in pursuit of self enrichment. The USA is thus the most corrupt and murderous  regime in the history of the world. Meanwhile,  improvement of our human condition is of no concern to  the reprobates  referenced above.

I am at long last confident that all of my work, suffering and pain is worth the price that I pay  because 'Truth Is Priceless'  to men of good will and clean conscience (two qualities lost on the men who run this devilish  regime).

Thank you and may Providence protect and allow comfort to the men and women who are tortured and killed globally by fbi / police operations both overt and covert.

This report is delivered this date to USA's government agencies tripartite.

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