Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi/police community are a threat to our people    
 Fbi/police community are a threat to our people
picture21 Oct 2016 @ 06:05, by Geral W. Sosbee

Here is my report (alternate links) that all main street media would never publish, that (an apparent de facto fbi operative) continues to block as they also ban me from ever posting a comment, that most Indymedia either block, trash, hide, delete, or in clever way place in their infamous 'compost file'. Most citizens also fear the truth that I always present.

So, these words continue to haunt the cowards and fools who stoop to lick the boots of Gestapo fbi/police:

Krishnamurti:: "Think On These Things"

"That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything."




I will have more to share with the world as soon as I formulate my next theme which may relate to further evidence of fbi total subversion of all of our previously most valued and most respected institutions. Stay Tuned.

Meanwhile, may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused or tortured or killed by the fbi/police psychopaths all around us.

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