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 Fbi as human monster
picture18 Oct 2016 @ 06:04, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi as human monster
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Submitted by gsosbee on Tue, 2016-10-18 01:38

I have demonstrated for about half a century how the fbi subverts law and institutions in order to display their own power over and false image of indispensability to our nation. In virtually every fbi operation for the past century these thugs and killers seek public approval and sometimes adoration for their 'crime fighting' prowess. The truth is that the fbi is the most dangerous criminal enterprise ever in US history, and this assertion includes the threats against our people by the likes of Al Capone and his MAFIA . Today the fbi is the global federal MAFIA which in concert with federal Magistrate Judges torture, imprison, force suicide and assassinate innocent individuals under a complex system of laws and methods known only to the fbi and doj.

In my 30 years of struggle to stay alive while the fbi tries to kill me, I have learned that the fbi routinely lies, sets up innocent persons for arrest, imprisonment and death; when the fbi cannot find an ounce of evidence against a political adversary or whistle blower, the fbi goes all out using every dirty, illegal and unconscionable trick to destroy the Target through counterintelligence and extreme psychological operations.

The fbi goes to great length, sparing no expense, to silence this critic. When I tried to have the courts assist me in stopping the fbi crimes, all judges and so-called justices pretended that the fbi operated within the law.

That law is a complex cobweb of secret rules formulated to provide the fbi and company with complete freedom to entrap an innocent Target.

Only a creepy spider understands exactly where the beutiful butterfly rests on the web and only the human monsters in the fbi knows where, when and how their innocent victim is captured on their macabre web.

My suit was dismissed by a string of corrupt judges including the miscreants on SCOTUS:

SCOTUS denies my WRIT: WRIT 534US894

The implications of the denied WRIT are ominous for all people on earth:


Some of my papers on topic are here ( See also my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014)

As a result of the thorough corruption of the judiciary of the USA by the fbi, the horror story that I document continues now for 30 years and counting and perhaps for life.

I have proven that the fbi is on a roll of criminality unprecedented in human affairs:

See false M.D. report on me, serving the fbi serial killers & torturers:


*See the State Bar of Texas deliver an absurd notice to me, as does **police Detective Posada and other ***thugs in blue at all levels:

* [link]

** [link]

*** [link]

Regarding the obscure and illegal/outrageous laws secretly used by fbi, see the summaries below. Note that the fbi uses operatives and informants (often criminals themselves) to commit felonies against this Target. The fbi knows that their covert and inhumane assaults on the Target are impossible to prove; so, the fbi runs amuck in their crime spree. From some of the laws listed below the Federal Magistrate Judges fraudulently and with criminal intent authorize the fbi to drive the Target crazy , to torture the Target 24/7/365 and to discreetly assassinate him. I am one such victim of these attacks by fbi psychopaths. The goal is to silence the voices of dissent.

Thank you. Geral Sosbee


B) FindLawCodes and StatutesUS CodeTitle 18Part IChapter 119Section 2513
18 U.S.C. § 2513 : US Code - Section 2513: Confiscation of wire, oral, or electronic communication intercepting devices
Search 18 U.S.C. § 2513 : US Code - Section 2513: Confiscation of wire, oral, or electronic communication intercepting devices

C) Page 564 TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE § 2510 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(22))) or an a - US Government Publishing Office › fdsys › pkg › pdf

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US Department of the Treasury (.gov) › ...

Maintain any other original case-related documents, not being placed into evidence, separately either in a .... and audio or otherwise recorded notes made during the course of or contemporaneous with an interview;.

D) federal rules to non consensual audio monitoring." Office Of The Treasury Inspector General 7-1-09

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