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 Horror Story In USA
picture17 Oct 2016 @ 10:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

See, or visualize the macabre horror story that unfolds today right under your nose.

Horror Story In USA

Submitted by gsosbee on Mon, 2016-10-17 05:48

Visualize this reality : the most powerful agency in the United States of America, the fbi, is a group of deranged psychopaths or human monsters, worse than Nazis Mengele, Himmler and Goebbels.

These fbi agents and operatives in concert with federal Magistrate Judges single out candidates for torture, human experimentation and discreet assassination with total impunity. Their victims know that they are trapped and facing bad death with no way out and with no response to their pleas to government officials, media and the general public.

The torture of the victims are both physical and psychological and the terror that is imposed on them is unspeakable. The leaders of our country including congress and SCOTUS are aware of the macabre program and participate in it by their guilty knowledge. The torture of the victim leads to his death after all experiments are finished.

Some of the unconscionable assaults on the victim include extreme psychological attacks and a complete, or cover, surveillance, attacks with microwave, assaults with extremely low frequency sound waves, and a variety of other torture methods used by the fbi agents, operatives and doctors from different fields.

No one in government, nor in the media dare make inquiry because the fbi shuts off dissent by threats, both expressed and implied. The gruesome program against the victim is performed by serial killers and is spreading globally in concert with cia, dod, et al.

For more details see "My Story In Detail" and thousands of my other documentations online at various sites. As the reader studies the material, I ask that calm and mature contemplation mark the response because this is truly a modern day horror story wherein only a few victims survive long enough to tell about it. In other words I caution, For Mature Readers Only.

Below are additional links to a few of my papers on topic, but the most painful and bloody episodes are not fully documented because they are extremely difficult to express and to re-live here. One should understand that the fbi watches in real time as the victims suffer, take their own lives, or otherwise die from the unspeakable torture. I am one such victim, and I pray that I may live long enough to capture the attention of others who might someday stop the mini Holocaust ongoing now just under the surface of polite society. Thank you.

What Would You do?

Mentally ill fbi:

Macabre Crimes by fbi:

Geral Sosbee :


I consider all groups, individuals and moderators who trash, block or hide my reports on fbi atrocities as parties or material witnesses to fbi torture and attempted murder of my person.

Portland Indymedia regularly trashes/composts my submissions.

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