Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi interferes with protocol of search engines    
 Fbi interferes with protocol of search engines
picture17 Oct 2016 @ 02:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

Many of my reports of Fbi crimes and unconscionable clandestine offenses are not being indexed, nor properly referenced in major search engines. The fbi intelligence thugs do not want people to know of their inhumane crimes against me, as I record them. Here are a few; * I have provided a link to the location of the report on the fbi's kidney stone caper that almost killed me.


Sun 16 October 2016
A Prayer in Prose

Sat 15 October 2016
Trump, Crooked Hillery (CH) and fbi/cia mass murderers & assassins

News from geral
Fri 14 October 2016
Fbi fights for power and glory

Thu 13 October 2016
Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target

* Fri 7 October 2016
Creation of Artificial Kidney Stone In Vivo By Skilled Criminals with M, M, O
See: [link]

Sun 2 October 2016
Today's Police / fbi Traverse the Lines of Human Decency

Sat 1 October 2016
Apply law Misprision of Felony
How to apply law: Misprision of felony

Mon 26 September 2016
USA's President Has Almost No Power Over fbi/cia/dod Crimes

Sun 25 September 2016
This is your country, your people, not mine

Fri 23 September 2016
Fbi retaliates & groups trash my report

Thu 22 September 2016
Fbi Cowards retaliate

Thu 15 September 2016
Republication in different format : University of Texas/fbi joint crimes against me

Faculty & Students Awaken
Wrap Up From SOSBEE
Sun 4 September 2016
Global Mandate To Stop fbi/cia from their torture & kill programs

Sat 3 September 2016
Aşk sözleri ile farki hissedin

Fri 26 August 2016
Casual reading of an urgent nature

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