Geral W. Sosbee: A Prayer in Prose    
 A Prayer in Prose
picture16 Oct 2016 @ 05:46, by Geral W. Sosbee

The journey of life is always rewarding for one whose eyes are open and heart eternally willing:

One must when necessary consciously set aside all personal and biographical matters, including a lifetime of hard work and societal pursuits:

whereupon, as the evil minds of government such as we see in the decadent and murderous f b I
seek to end all that is beautiful, poetic, and meaningful in life... may search for his true calling on earth in defense of fundamental and universal human/civil/constitutional rights that only Providence truly recognizes and may irrevocably and righteously grant.

Then, through the pain and heartache of enduring decades of torture, abuse (physical & psychological), including attempts on his life, he accepts humbly and gratefully his destiny in service to mankind.

For only in such 'letting go' of one perspective and 'embracing' the other can growth of a spiritual or higher consciousness (than known before) actually occur; thus, the phenomena of wondrous awakening and discovery in this life well prepares one for the experience awaiting in the next.

His work is complete, for he leaves the world, as he always had hoped, in better condition by his presence than the one that greeted him upon entry.

Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who suffer under oppressive and inhumane rule by tyrannical and macabre regimes such as the United States of America.


PORTLAND Indymedia trashes most of my reports, including the above post.


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