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picture15 Oct 2016 @ 05:09, by Geral W. Sosbee

First the good news: I am doing well, thanks to my own perseverance and capacity to endure multiple, complex and sometimes life threatening assaults on me and my sanity.

Now the not so good news: Having worked and studied most of my 71 years on earth, I now conclude that our country ( the United States of America, US) is ruled and governed by extremely corrupt human monsters in the tradition of Himmler, Mengele, et al. associated with Germany Nazi Gestapo.

Spearheading the overthrow of the US government and the mind control of the populace are the fbi, cia, nsa, nsc and company. Complicit in the stealth coup here where millions of our people are wrongly imprisoned, killed by cops/fbi, and otherwise marginalized in the everlastingly twisted and sick ideological regime are the quislings of congress and the courts. Their members have sold out the people in traitorous betrayal.

The implications of the horrible kill and torture program and the irrationally brutal manipulation of the masses by the ruthless leaders of the US are quite disturbing for thinking and principled individuals: All persons in the US who are poor, disenfranchised, disadvantaged, or weak are subject to arbitrary deadly attacks by government (i.e.: death by government ). Even worse, the masterminds of this 'Age of Madness' who control and deploy space based weaponry now use that technology to micro manage the lives of millions, to torture and force suicide on many, even while other victims are monitored, or live in fear that
"I might be next".

The propaganda machine is also well greased, so that no dissent to the criminal regime is allowed on main street media. The intelligence community even blocks from publication reports such as mine online by a variety of sophisticated electronic manipulations of indexing and referencing protocol, including certain controls on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. The social media groups are so completely embedded with fbi/cia that membership therein presents more risks than advantages to the users. Indeed, the fbi so controls the most popular online media groups that all posts there are subjected to scrutiny for Patriot Act and sedition violations. Such illegal monitoring is ironic, given the fact that our government is overthrown and ruled by murderous scoundrels in the three branches and by all administrative agencies and departments tripartite.

All who support and defend the evil regime here are either thoroughly mind programmed, part of the evil, sociopathic and homicidal ruling class, or are afraid to do otherwise. Voting in popular elections is thus a gigantic exercise in futility and a joke and fraud perpetrated by media,talk shows and politicians.

Even as I type these words the fbi, USPI, Texas DPS, et al. surveil me in every way imaginable in their efforts to silence me. They fail because I do not fear them and because my work is more important to me than any threats or assaults that the killers and torturers continue at this moment to deliver.

For some of my online reports see:

Thank you and may Providence protect and give comfort to the brave men and women under vicious assaults by the fbi/cia/police here and abroad; for they (our brothers and sisters everywhere) are the only light visible in the dark landscape of our world which is now facing the twilight of a permanent darkness currently being imposed on us by the criminally insane tyrants of the US and those human beings who fear/support them.

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