Geral W. Sosbee: Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target    
 Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target
picture13 Oct 2016 @ 05:02, by Geral W. Sosbee

Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target

First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government for a redress of grievances."

On April 30, 2013, the United States Government as directed by the Director of the fbi orchestrated an elaborate and fraudulent criminal investigation of my person and sent two high level cops to my home to threaten me and my wife. The details of the illegal assault/threat by intimidation are recorded in the following link:


Today, over three years later, the USPI (Knipfing) under orders from the very same fbi who torture me 24/7/365, continue to violate the FOIA laws and to hold their phony investigation over my head. The apparent threat against me focuses on two items, one of which is a crime committed by the fbi in Dallas, Texas, where my name was planted at the scene. The other item is to follow my online reports, articles, papers, posts and emails to determine whether the government might be able to arrest and imprison me for reporting crimes by the fbi, USPI, etc. Presumably, sedition laws or Patriot Act provisions are presently used by the USPI in their secret yet clear threats against my First Amendment Rights as quoted above. See my affidavits dated 2007 & 2014 for more data.

The irony of the USPI crimes against me in concert with fbi's continuing felonious assaults on me and my wife are twofold:

1) I defended the USA on the battlefield, have  never been accused of any offense criminal or civil (that I am aware of), and served the fbi with excellent evaluations. Thus I am a patriot to the original USA, while the thugs of fbi and USPI are traitors and criminals as I have fully documented online. Regarding Texas DPS Special Agent Rodriguez, I consider the man a small minded fool.

2) While the two so-called investigators fly around the country trying to make a case against me, the fbi continues to commit multiple felonies similar to the ones that I have previously documented for over thirty years. Both Knipfing and Rodriguez scoff at my reports of Fbi attempts on my life, torture of my person, extreme psychological assaults, and destruction of my property. Indeed, after I published the *paper referenced below, the fbi entered my residence and tampered with my personal items in retaliation for my posting the report on their insanity; then, today, the fbi destroyed a tire on my car in additional retaliation for my reports.

Thus, I conclude that the fbi, desperate to find a way to imprison me, has directed the USPI Knipfing and his sidekick Rodriguez to continue their dual charade of investigating me while covering up the many serious felonies ongoing against me for over three decades. These two men, Knipfing and Rodriguez,  should be fired and prosecuted for their dirty campaign against me, especially as they keep me on notice that my Free Speech has a price tag. 

Regarding the fbi's unconscionable crime spree against me, the most painful are 

1) the psychological operations wherein the fbi monitors me every minute in every part of my residence and car as they also assault me with street thugs (some of whom I identified) and simultaneously conduct mental torture on me and on my wife daily. 

2) sleep deprivation 24/7/365 by use of Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) which keeps me exhausted and sometimes bed ridden. 

See the link below for more information on symptoms associated with DEW attacks. Note also, that the DEW attacks with pulse microwave and ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves) may have cause my complete loss of hearing in my left ear and about 75-80 % loss in my right ear, and cataracts in my eyes.

Sleep deprivation, electronic terror, etc.:


In summary, the traitors to the Constitution and to the people  (i.e., fbi and company) now seek to kill or imprison this  Patriot as I struggle to  expose them as criminal, human monsters. In the context of the high tech weaponry being used against me (including bio-chem-viral & DEW) and the extreme psychological assaults on me every day and almost everywhere I go, I consider the fbi/USPI crime spree continuing at this moment  as unprecedented in human affairs. 

*My paper on the insanity of the fbi, USPI, Texas DPS, UT Police, et al.:

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