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Modern Nazism in the form of the fbi/cia/cops unconscionable police state lives today in fbi/cia:


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Ironically many Jews who labor to keep media focus on the Nazi Holocaust assist in the formation of a modern Nazi-type state in USA today:

In order to stop or discourage critics of fbi control over the people and government, the fbi resorts to blackmail, torture, arbitrary or false mass imprisonment, murder, forced suicide, human experimentation programs and public metaphorical lynchings of credible authorities such as the present author. See my paper at academiadotedu entitled "What Would You Do If". Also see " My Story In Detail" at SOSBEE vs.fbi and thousands of my reports online for the past 16 years.

Many fbi operatives online attempt to discredit the work of whistleblowers and at the same time to assault their character & attack their sanity. See my report on "Committed To Healing".

See, for example, the following transparent attack by anonymous assassin or supporter of fbi:



"Sosbee vs FBI website6. Sosbee vs. FBI
The internet is an incubator for conspiracy theories, and whilst some are compelling, some are just insane. Cue: Geral W. Sosbee and his “FBI and CIA are terrorists” page. It looks like it was designed by someone who belongs in a mental institution. Read the page, and you’ll realise it was."

For more on this topic see...

...False or fictitious reports from medical doctors perhaps acting as fbi operatives. Note that in the first case mentioned below the same doctor asked my wife what she thought of my experiences or concerns about the fbi. My wife was surprised at the absurd question. I inferred a more sinister motive to the doctor's unprofessional interrogation of my beloved wife.

Select government attorneys join in the fbi ad hominem assaults:

See AUSA Sarah Robinson's unprofessional and libelous assault on this attorney:

All of Robinson's conclusory assertions in her brief are proven to be lies by virtue of my documentations for the past 16 years. .

The fbi also deploys psychopaths online for the most outrageous and obscene verbal affront:
Fbi operative fraudulently announces that this Target of the fbi's torture & attempted murder campaign is a murderer due to his services on the battlefield in defense of the USA, and further that this Target is a possible mass murderer who must be watched:


In summary the fbi demands and wrongfully receives the obedience and subservience of almost everyone in this country. A kind of invisible *victory salute is afforded to the fbi who pretend to achieve 'victory' over crime. Yet, most people do not realize that crime is not stopped, but is in fact encouraged and engaged in by the fbi and their operatives, assets, street thugs and even police. See my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014 and other papers online. And see:

*From Wikipedia:

"Heil, mein Führer!" (Hail, my leader!), or "Sieg Heil!" (Hail victory!). It was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to the party's leader, Adolf Hitler, and to glorify the German nation (and later the German war effort)."
Today, no one (even attorneys with a duty to indict the fbi) credibly challenge fbi authority or statements. Instead, the mere mention of the name, "F B I" , strikes fear, false respect, hypnotic trance, or complete silence in the parties involved, or a resigned approbation to 'anything F B I' in the minds of all, thereby signaling in demeanor and implicit acclamation , "Hail, my leader F B I".

The ultimate goal of the fbi and its police state is to...

Reduce mankind to a fearful trembling species :


Control earth & space I n h u m a n e l y :


One may understand through my work and the articles of others in the Resistance that the fbi also gains in their crimes the assistance of corrupt judges who grant in secret sweeping, illegal, deadly atrocities of the fbi Gestapo type apparatus. See:


For many victims of fbi's own crime spree, the fbi appears in our society as a federal MAFIA-TYPE syndicate, but the genesis for the fbi's pervasive criminal organization throughout the world is not unlike that of the Nazi Hitler era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, as suggested above and here:

Actually, current presidential candidates Hillery or Trump both support the fbi thugs and murderers. With Trump we see the rejuvenation of mass hysteria in favor of expanding deadly intelligence operations against selected groups and persons around the world.
Note the parallels in this report between Nazi Germany and United States of America's quasi Nazi control of the people as intimated herein and also as also suggested below:

By the 1935 the fbi assumed control of the police authorities in the USA. From that time to now the fbi (with full cooperation of cia) systematically trained and programmed all police agencies in the country & at the same time seized control of media for propaganda purposes and exercised power over the three branches of government plus all administrative agencies. See my report on " The Collapse of The Constitutional Government of The United States of America ".

Today, Trump calls to "Make America Great Again" is a false slogan for the completion of the USA police state, openly and with popular support. Even extreme right wing murderous power brokers in the Republican party (i.e., the Bush clan) run from Trump because he intends to achieve ' in our face ' today the NWO power (over all people) that his predessesors sought to achieve more discreetly over time.

Further, for example in the tradition of Hitler, Trump and the fbi, et al., seek to deny citizenship or deport certain people and groups of specified descent, plan to indirectly nationalize (through devious taxation) some industries, support torture and increased violence against all who do not accept his vision of "Make America Great Again" and against those who do not "love us", expand law enforcement in the USA, increase the size of military and ensure more deadly attacks on perceived adversaries globally.

Hillery similarly approves of fbi/cia atrocities ongoing towards the goal of total subjugation of all. Hitler would no doubt be proud of and conscript both Trump, and Hillery into his regime of human monsters.

After all, the rallies at the campaigns of both Trump and Hillery resemble those of Hitler's public demonstrations of mass mania in support of a supreme Germany/USA. Hysteria, chants, and even violence punctuates the current rallies in USA. Fear reigns supreme. Neighbors distrust and often attack each other, while cops are on a kill campaign with the support of SCOTUS.

Today, Trump, like Hitler, also intends to lock up or marginalize opponents and other "undesirable" elements. Then, he hints or outright proclaims that he will imprison, deport or kill several millions. The tragic irony of the rise of Trump is that he exemplifies all the evil that allowed a few people (and the fbi/cia/police community) to turn the USA into the present juggernaut of fascism and colonialism where police state tactics promise to keep the rich in power and to enslave, imprison or kill millions. Such evil is often manifest in thirst for power through the extremes of greed, vanity, selfishness and fear. The masses of people truly don't have a clue.

See my reports at



The above report posted 9-20-16. The next morning the fbi thugs had received notice (from the agent assigned to torture and kill me) to send me notice of their revenge for the post. So, the fbi took over the hearing aids issued by VA for service connected hearing problem, and turned the volume to extremely high; that night the fbi hoodlum turned up the brain entrainment level to a ten (on a level of 1-10, ten being the highest & most painful). Sleep deprivation all night (via Directed Energy Weaponry, 'DEW') rendered me nearly incapacitated on 9-22-16 whereupon I suffered from loss of balance, extreme headache and other symptoms as set forth in part 19 of "My Story".

While I cannot be certain of the reason for the retaliation, I suspect that my reference to assaults on me by Israeli lunatics (in service to Intel groups fbi/cia/mossad/SS) may have been part of the motives.

Note that the USA's Intel community of mass murderers, torturers and assassins have members from all ethnic backgrounds and that the radical Israelis are not the only killers after me.

However, over the past 35 years, one M.D. gentile tortured me and five doctors of Jewish descent tortured, poisoned, maligned or threatened me on behalf of the fbi.

Many doctors and scientists from different origins, colors and creeds have followed the fbi's directives to slander me, deny me service and harm me via intentional scientific negligence and mal practice. One threatened to file a civil suit if I continued my reports on him.

Also, the DEW assaults cause almost total loss of hearing in my left ear and about 75% loss in right ear; the fbi always seeks to worsen my service connected injuries which are documented with the VA.

So, let this short comment on the above post further illuminate the total cowardice of the psychopaths who run the CJS in USA.
For more on the corruption of police see my reports on the fools with badges and guns named as follows:
*Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, Cruz, Posada

These are the types of men taking orders and directives from their fbi trainers and who are also killing our people on the streets, locking up innocent men and women by the millions, and converting USA into a police state.

* Knipfing continues today to monitor my writing online in order to follow up on his threats against me and my wife in my home in my face and in violation of criminal statutes on subversive actions of law enforcement. For three years Knipfing ignores my FOI request
and his chiefs insult me when I press for the documents every 6 months,

--------------- Not INDEPENDENT OF FBI THUGS
Permalink Submitted by gsosbee on Fri, 2016-09-23 00:16 often controlled by fbi assassins

*Portland trashes the above report on USA:INHUMANE and deletes the same report.



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