Geral W. Sosbee: USA's fbi/MAFIA, a real life monster    
 USA's fbi/MAFIA, a real life monster
picture15 Sep 2016 @ 04:21, by Geral W. Sosbee

USA's fbi/MAFIA, a real life monster
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Submitted by gsosbee on Thu, 2016-09-15 00:11

The fbi/cia/police community globally have created a self perpetuating murderous empire which requires the organization and funding of an army of secret assassins operating mainly in the shadows and in pursuit of new victims of their inhumane agenda. In order to gain the money and support for the evil program the leaders of the fbi/MAFIA must convince the public through control of media that criminals threaten all of us all of the time everywhere. So, criminals must be manufactured by truly bad men in 'black.'

In a sense this unbelievable development is now an industry which is colossal and pervasive across all departments and branches of government worldwide. The criminal justice system now encompasses or manipulates the entire judiciary, all in congress and most in private business & universities, and all in the executive offices of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA everywhere on earth. Nothing can be done to stop it; and by leaps and bounds the most gruesome and morbid machine ever imagined expands even into outer space.

Directed Energy Weapons,inter alia, are used by this murderous regime (and its street thugs) to attack me and others 24/7/365 for life with the full authority of corrupt federal judges, SCOTUS, Congress and the President of the United States.

The government, furthermore, must create criminals in order to feed the monstrous, 'flesh eating machine' which is the Invisible war on * liberty everywhere.


The assassins mentality dominates our global culture and this is exactly the milieu within which the fbi and the cia ( and their supporters, operatives, handlers)draw nourishment for their mental illness.

Innocent men are set up for imprisonment, torture and assassination; many persons are trapped in secret government experimentation programs which are painful, macabre and unconscionable. Meanwhile, the lowest thugs in society are paid to kill the best among us. This is the United States of America today and the world tommorrow.

See my reports online where I often name individuals working for the fbi who are actively engaged in terrorist assaults on me in order to imprison or kill me: "My Story In Detail", WRIT, Reports on US government and local police thugs who pathetically assist the federal hoodlums in hostile and illegal pursuit of GERAL SOSBEE, thousands of posts online authored by me and others...


...and my papers at

* Age of Madness:


Finally, a summary about me:

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