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 fbi corrupts our nation
picture20 Aug 2016 @ 17:56, by Geral W. Sosbee

Connecting the dots to the fbi/cia’s overthrow and corruption of the United States government

This report focuses upon my previously submitted evidence that the fbi/cia have criminally, thoroughly and firmly corrupted the USA government at every level, tripartite, including the judiciary, the congress, the executive branches (and administrative departments) of government, and the general population at will.
As a preface to this report see the following references:


The following link offers some of my recent papers on topic as listed below:


Overthrow of United States Government By fbi/cia
what would you do if?
Corruption of Law & Society By fbi
Explication Of Salient Events
Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi
Fbi psychological operations
fbi's "Future Crime" Project
My Affidavit on Recent Police Abuses Against Me

For the past thirty years the fbi has been (and continues today) on a crime spree unprecedented in US history and in human affairs in efforts to silence me from reporting their high crimes globally. For support of this statement see “My Story In Detail”, my WRIT, my sworn affidavits, and my thousands of reports on line (See especially my documentations of fbi’s torture and attempted murder of my person using high technology –directed energy, psychological, chemical, biological and viral agents- never before known to human beings on earth.

More specific evidence of the fbi’s subversion of law and society is shown in their illegal and fraudulent use of federal judges, military intelligence, federal, state and local law enforcement and the general public in efforts to silence me permanently.

In this regard see the reports of crimes against me by joint counterintelligence operations conducted by the fbi and the University of Texas (UT) police on campus where I use the computers for my reports (note that the fbi destroys all computers that I buy). My experiences at the UT campus are set forth in parts 19 (a,b,c) of “MY Story” mentioned above. In several instances the fbi and the UT police ran covert psychological and assault operations against me in fraudulent and unlawful efforts to find a way to arrest me on campus. When I tried to report the crimes to the Chancellor, the police, the president of UT, the library, the Texas AG, DOJ, etc., all authorities ignored my pleas.

Then, in April of 2009 the fbi operative, one Alonzo Yanez , committed (and later pled no contest in open court) a provocative assault and battery on my person on campus. The UT police refused to accept my report of crimes because the UT police and the fbi directed the assault by Yanez. Then, the UT counsel argued on September 21, 2009, that the Texas AG should support UT’s efforts to hide the details of the criminal conspiracy based on UT efforts at ”…detection, investigation or prosecution of crime”. See counsel’s absurd and specious argument here:


Thus, the AG allowed UT to continue the cover up of fbi/police crimes against me indefinitely. The UT police refused to investigate the ‘Yanez’ crime and other offenses that were committed against me on campus.

See also the threats in my face, in my home by USPI Knipfing and his imbecilic sidekick Texas DPS Rodriguez and subsequent threats and offenses by Brownsville, Texas police detective Posada on line.

For evidence of the cowardly quislings in congress see:

For evidence on the corruption of the courts see my WRIT and:

For evidence of the fbi’s corruption of administrative agencies see:

DOJ, fbi admit to guilty knowledge:

Finally, I am saddened to report that the fbi activates vigilante groups in every neighborhood where I try to live, so that I and my wife are frequently harassed and occasionally threatened by people in the community.

About me:

As of this date the biography of GERAL SOSBEE is deleted from:


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