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 A Dim View
picture16 Aug 2016 @ 06:32, by Geral W. Sosbee

Geral Sosbee presents in thousands of reports a cogent review of the decadent human condition as shown in the impoverished obsessions, calumnious tongues, and diabolical predispositions of many leading figures in contemporary society.
The most powerful men among us (& often the most pompous and self consumed) are among the most murderously corrupt, pathetically hypocritical and hopelessly evil representatives of our species.
This condition, as we know, does not commence with the assassins and torturers within the ranks of the fbi/cia, police and their followers (including doctors in all walks of life) whom I describe in my work, and will not end when a new generation of thugs with vacant minds replace them.
Rather, the destiny of mankind is being shaped irrevocably and vehemently by the most loathsome and bestial creatures that nature has ever brought forth on God's Green Earth:
the sociopathic, homicidal and purely egotistical
............... ( *insensitive) homo sapien..............
Those of us who recognize these traits are not eager to claim membership in the human race. Predictably, many men of conscience seek to stay out of the way of such heathens; therein lies the 'rub'.
For evidence in support see sites at

and other locations.
Thank you.

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