Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi hoodlums and criminal sociopaths at work 24/7    
 Fbi hoodlums and criminal sociopaths at work 24/7
picture6 Aug 2016 @ 05:25, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi assassins continue for 30 years to date around the clock harassment against me by mind games, vandalism of my car and property, home invasions, and extreme DEW assaults causing sleep deprivation. The fbi thugs, for example, take control by remote of my car's features and open the trunk in cleverly timed moments; the fbi thugs also let air out of my car's tires and destroy the valve stems. In the past the fbi has destroyed several of my vehicles that were not under warranty. Everywhere I go 24/7 the fbi tags along looking for and finding ways to harass me in a most cowardly and criminal manner. This fbi operates under the authority of DOJ and the President of the USA himself.

Today, the fbi again hacks into my account at OPM, and I asked Congressman RUBEN HINOJOSA to assist in restoring my account. Here are my messages to OPM and to the Congressman :


Dear OPM 'COMMENT' & 'Technical Support' groups:

Please see if you could restore my access to my account which is apparently hacked by unknown parties for reasons not fully clear.

At the bottom of this email is the message that I sent to US CONGRESSMAN RUBEN HINOJOSA tonight wherein I requested his assistance because two OPM employees could not assist me today, after hours of holding to talk with them separately.

I have never had a problem until recently signing in to OPM, and I regularly accessed the account on line to keep it active. The temporary password delivered to me today by OPM via US mail did not work, and I hope that no one at OPM has tampered with my account.

Note that about a year ago I documented with OPM and SAMBA that someone fraudulently cancelled my SAMBA health coverage. My former employer may be involved in some of my online difficulties. Another example of hacking my accounts is shown in this link:


Here is my email tonight to the Congressman:

"Email Me - Thank You
The following information has been submitted:

Name: Mr. geral sosbee


Telephone: ×××

Issue: VET

Message Text:

I am a 60 % disabled combat veteran and a former fbi agent. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) presently blocks me from accessing their website for reasons unknown. My previous password quit working a month ago and my new password issued to me today also does not work. I tried to clarify the blocking of my OPM account with OPM representatives today telephonically, but they could not assist in unblocking my OPM account file # xxx. I sense that possibly my account at OPM is hacked or tampered with by someone for reasons unknown.
Could your office please contact OPM at, or at 888 767-6738 on my behalf because I need tax data, etc., which are available online. Note that I have exhausted all other means to ask OPM to respond. Last year, I also documented a similar hacking at my insurance account at SAMBA health coverage. My dob:08/30/1945 Thank you for your service and Best Wishes for your future success and retirement plans. Geral Sosbee xxxx."

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