Geral W. Sosbee: Capitalism is Dead    
 Capitalism is Dead
picture4 Aug 2016 @ 21:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

As the world awakens to the unnecessary global killing spree by fascist nations, we also learn that the economic systems that thrive on war are destructive of our humanity; the following report aims to support this observation.

American styled capitalism is an economic system that is presented to the world as though everyman has the benefit of his own travails through perceived incentives, hard work, perseverance and personal accomplishments:

"... a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products...are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government" (Merriam Webster).


*The system is enforced by a monstrosity of big war lords of government, entrenched mega business, wealthy tycoons and the fbi’s police community.


The truth is that we do not have a capitalist system because the government is so corrupt and hell bent on control of the world and beyond that the government (through pursuit of its own global criminal agenda) chokes off opportunity for most people to achieve their goals and self-actualization. Government makes people rich or impoverishes them at the whim of corrupt leaders in every branch (see my reports on insider trades by the intelligence community and by members of congress; note also that a few business leaders such as the late Trammel Crow and the Stemmons brothers became wealthy overnight by government sponsored insider real estate deals). These are the men whose kind, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller, shape the corporate community in the USA always with the blessing of corrupt government.


A small percentage of individuals are thus empowered and enriched by the US government (an overthrown regime) which decides which industries shall prosper by granting contracts and negotiating back door deals to those who do not question the inhumane purposes for governmental control. This means that our country and now the world is run by homicidal sociopaths who presume to shape the destiny of the human species (see my papers at ).


No opportunity exist for correcting the murderous abuses by the ruling class against the enslaved citizenry because any credible effort to criticize the God awful regime is often met with violence by members of the police state, even though some human rights activists naively defended this evil regime in battle (see my Army records).


*From Ayn Rand on Capitalism

The 1% taught us the meaning of recession and poverty, now we need to teach them how to make amends


Finally, as the main street media decides on behalf of government the “talking points” for all discussions on their forums, one may not reasonable expect any national dialogue on the far reaching and macabre implications for the world’s people regarding the current war global machine of our government; our destiny seems to be controlled by the most base and evil representatives of mankind: the agents, operatives and supporters (such as those in congress and SCOTUS) of the fbi/cia/mi6/surete/SS/mossad, other cooperating intelligence groups and by big business sociopaths around the world. Capitalism, as a tool for the improvement of our race, is indeed an unknown ideal.


Thank you.


Economic oppression predictably causes crime.

Corrupt regimes also thrive by the false imprisonment and killing of the millions of people who are directly and adversely affected by twisted and oppressive economic forces:


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