Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi, police, army intel, et al are often criminals    
 Fbi, police, army intel, et al are often criminals
picture31 Jul 2016 @ 16:05, by Geral W. Sosbee

For evidence of crimes committed against me by fbi, police, army intellingence,, see my reports on UT COPS , Army's Wolf, & fbi at parts *19, a, b, c; see also my documentations of corruption in the Brownsville, Texas Police Department ( including my posts on on defective Detective Adrian Posada).
Read the material also to learn how attorneys lie to try to justify withholding data from me that would further prove additional crimes committed by the law enforcement community and their half wit informants and operatives in failed efforts to arrest me.

More reports are shown in the following titles:

Note that a lunatic federal magistrate judge authorizes and empowers fbi and associates to torture, force final exits and kill activists like me.

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Wed 27 July 2016
Fbi destroys America
Mon 25 July 2016
America's Promise & The Grim Reality
Wed 20 July 2016
Fbi / MAFIA seize America (and PI Helps them)
Sun 17 July 2016
Fbi, carnage, media & police state USA
Tue 12 July 2016
Murderous Police & Their fbi Mentors
Fbi are human monsters
Mon 11 July 2016
Sat 9 July 2016
Obscene fbi profilers on tv
Mon 4 July 2016
I delete my Facebook account because Facebook is corrupt
Sun 3 July 2016
fbi & their big four falsely denigrate records of war vets
Recent reports for edification
Thu 30 June 2016
The wolf pack that is the fbi
Fbi illegal trades
Wed 29 June 2016
Wars, human suffering, torture, murder= NWO
Fbi friends in cybercrimes
Tue 28 June 2016
Fbi influence on internet
Biography Blocked By Bullies: 'burro', i.e.,fbi/Facebook/Google
Fbi, Facebook and Google team up in evil effort
Fbi hacks my reports as I type them

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