Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi/MAFIA seize America    
 Fbi/MAFIA seize America
picture21 Jul 2016 @ 00:51, by Geral W. Sosbee

The attacks on me by the fbi are cowardly, potentially deadly and always inhumane as I have shown for the past 16 years. I have also demonstrated how the fbi is in fact a criminal enterprise not unlike the MAFIA. Some of the fbi crimes that I have witnessed are set forth in my main website which also details psychological attacks and 'gaslighting' methodology. *My papers at also chronicle my experiences at the hands of fbi assassins & sociopaths.

**My affidavits also document the countless felonies committed against me by the fbi and their operatives. Unconscionable sums up the fbi's organized crimes against me, especially as the fbi hoodlums use high tech weaponry 24/7/365 to injure me in a variety of ways; ***psychological operations are also used to wear me down (see false medical report at part 20 of 'My Story' wherein the doctor tries to completely discredit many of my reports).
The more they do to me, the less I want to believe that they are doing it.
Today, the fbi resumes similar assaults on me and on my wife as she returns from a three week trip out of country. Such attacks by the fbi demonstrate their cowardice and their despicably low character.

Fbi attacks me 24/7/365 with ELF and also regularly attacks my wife with the same inhumane weaponry. The USA sinks to new cowardly lows. Let this post announce the complete moral collapse of this diabolic nation.
The people of this sorry nation may never say that no one warned them of the criminal Insanity of the fbi because I illuminate the fbi's corruption, criminality and gratuitous treachery over the span of almost half a century. So, weep not for me, nor for my brave wife. Lament instead for your own weakness in submission to fbi/MAFIA who now control your minds and perhaps the future of the world.

About me:
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Affidavits 2007 and 2014
Psychological operations :

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Shame on Portland Indymedia for throwing the above report in the trash/compost file to protect the fbi assassins.
I consider the punk moderator at Portland Indymedia as an operative for fbi hoodlums.
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Fbi/ MAFIA seize America
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All who trash or compost my reports of fbi's unconscionable crimes are accessories to those crimes. This includes moderators who trash this report & who hide their identities behind the title 'independent media', etc.


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