Geral W. Sosbee: fbi are human monsters    
 fbi are human monsters
picture12 Jul 2016 @ 18:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

For those who do not yet realize the basis for my referring to the fbi as human monsters see the following data.

Assaults by the fbi are the most sinister and purely criminal that I have ever seen or read about in my life. Psychological Operations (‘psyops’) by the fbi are achieved by sociopaths who watch the victim (me) 24/7, follow him everywhere, destroy his property, make him homeless, and other atrocities that I describe in many of my reports.

I have survived these assaults for almost a half century. These animals watch and record their victims who are told by the fbi to, “kill yourself”.
During the past thirty years the fbi has also repeatedly *devised ways to try to illegally ‘set me up’ for some kind of fraudulent civil or criminal process; a corrupt federal magistrate judge (m/j) helps the fbi with secret court orders authorizing various assaults and crimes against my person.

Indeed, I now recall that the federal m/j from the southern district of Texas sent me a notice about fifteen years ago that I was and am subject to federal court administrative handling. This type of judicial crime is an abomination and the judges (m/j) in LA, Dallas, Brownsville, El Paso, etc., should stand trial for authorizing the unconscionably felonious offenses that I have described. The fbi uses street thugs, police, gang members and drug dealers to physically assault/provoke me; I have documented many such crimes online and in police reports over the past three decades.

*In one instance the fbi entered the El Paso hospital where I was in surgery for a service related injury of deviated septum; the fbi changed the nurses’ notes from “no food for 12 hours” to read, “FULL MEALS IMMEDIATELY”. I ate and vomited, nearly suffocating from my own bodily fluids, as I had no way to breathe with the nose sealed off. Later the fbi made fun of the incident in their online assaults. This and other similar events are mentioned here:

In another crime the fbi used the m/j corrupt civil process to illegally ‘medicate’ me as an opportunity to run another human experiment on my body: the fbi concocted by chemical combination a synthetic kidney stone in vivo which nearly killed me. The fbi also made sure that a doctor on call would be incompetent and at the very least the fbi sought to cause me trauma, kidney loss, or death.

While I was in another hospital for treatment of the same kidney stone the fbi vandalized my car again, so I would have to deal with yet another problem while recovering from the surgery. Such vandalism has been extensive and has cost about thirty thousand dollars of out of pocket losses and much stress. [The kidney stone reports are available online in part 16 and related links of “My Story”].

Many other assaults on my person are achieved by the fbi’s directed energy weaponry (assaults by DEW include extremely low frequency sound waves and microwave) which cause extreme sleep deprivation and many other symptoms described in part 19 of “My Story In Detail”. I am certain that other problems are related to the DEW assaults, including the following:

Several years ago the fbi notified me by anonymous email that I would be blinded. Today I have been diagnosed with cataracts in either eye and surgery is recommended by. The natural lens of the eyes are particularly sensitive to heat which is caused by high levels of microwave radiation. Such heating of the lens can cause cataracts. The DEW assaults continue on me 24/7/365 for the past fifteen years.

The DEW assaults are also used to punish me by increasing the sleep deprivation when I write reports that the fbi finds particularly damaging. In this respect the DEW attacks are a part of ‘psyops’ further described in the following link and at my papers at **

Diagnosis of diabetes (a condition found by VA doctor that I try to alleviate by diet)
Ear Aches are apparently associated with the tinitis.
Here are a few other medical disabilities documented by doctors:
Cerebral vascular disease
Mastoid effusion
Internal organ damage
Severe hearing loss, either ear
Infection near tooth 14, life threatening due to proximity to brain
Sleep apnea
General sensory neuropathy


Facebook now joins many other media groups in the fbi’s harassment campaign by blocking me from posting the following link:

For their fraud and service to fbi assassins, I quit Facebook.

Finally, for specific data on other fbi crimes see “My Story In Detail” on line, and see the false medical report from a MD apparently serving the fbi at part twenty of “My Story.”

Thank you.

Currently the fbi continues to pump toxic fumes into my residences in efforts to aggravate preexisting lung condition.

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