Geral W. Sosbee: The wolf pack that is fbi    
 The wolf pack that is fbi
picture1 Jul 2016 @ 02:59, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report is written from my own first hand experiences in fending off the attacks from wolf packs that are today's fbi human monsters.

The record that I and others submit on crimes and atrocities committed by the fbi over the past half century against our citizens stands as testament to the total breakdown of law, order and human decency in the USA, now spreading globally and spearheaded by fbi/cia.

The fbi are also proven by my work to be COWARDS, knaves and fools incapable of defending this nation because the fbi agents/operatives/street thugs and chieftains are half witted beasts reminiscent of a backward time of the Neanderthal era marked by a violent predisposition and by a cave man's values.

I have shown that the fbi's perverted, sinister and demonstrated forte in our society is summarized as follows:

Attack for show the poor, weak, underprivileged, broken, disenfranchised, and confused. Where a victim of fbi atrocities presents as a strong and altogether exemplary character with indomitable human spirit, the fbi sends their low minded agents and assassins to attack the victim in efforts to reduce him to one of the aforementioned categories.

Similarly, when a determined and resourceful victim challenges fbi tactics (including fbi's high tech weaponry and unconscionable torture tools), the fbi is more determined than ever to kill or to imprison him using the classic methods of a miserable coward:
Attack with ...
...poison, gas, DEW, or attack from his back, using calumny by an army of misfits; devise fraudulent stings which are intended to force the victim to live as an outcast, or to railroad the Target into prison; and when needed execute a complete 24/7/365 lifetime assaultive surveillance and human experimentation program against the strong minded Target to see how long he can survive psychological and physical assaults before he has a nervous breakdown.

In short the fbi at all levels is a destructive and evil force on the contemporary landscape of mankind and reflects at once the corruption of government, the disorientation of our people, and the ignorance of the governed.

No evidence exists today that the fbi and their kind be civilized. Neither does the fbi community seek to achieve any higher level of conscious thought than described above because their associates are stuck with a sadistic and homicidal mindset which violently serve the oppressive and decadent ruling class in a twisted economic structure that imprisons, impoverishes and murders hundreds of millions of humans everywhere on earth.

Thus, I consider my travails to be small in comparison to the suffering of others; and alas, I am equipped with dedication, a determined mind and an unwavering spirit to attack the fbi hoodlums and their followers/supporters intellectually and eternally for the benefit of all for as long as Providence may allow.


Thank you.

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