Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi as human monsters    
 Fbi as human monsters
picture25 Jun 2016 @ 22:52, by Geral W. Sosbee


We as a people and as a species have evolved to a most sorry state. Unconscionable and subhuman behavior by police/fbi/cia, etc., and their kind globally for millenia herald the otherwise hidden reality of our monstrous nature and of our inglorious and contemptible destiny which is now as our own history predicted fully upon us:

"Sooner or later, humans will... start murdering each other. Your kind knows no other way, it's in your genes. You'll keep killing each other until only one remains: the strongest among you. A thousand years from now, a dim-witted human barbarian will climb to the top of a pile of bones, sit down and proclaim: 'I win!'"

As I have proven, the fbi are the universal representation of mankind's macabre, murderous and evil nature. They and those who support, aid, praise, or worship them are the plague of our species. All the world now begins to realize these facts as evidenced by the barbarity and blood thirsty characters whom I and many others document. Judges, congressmen, military, all administrative employees at every level of government and the confused people (including doctors and other highly placed civilians) all are on a decadent descent into the abyss of eternal conflagration and holocaust which are punctuated by pervasive cruelty, inhumanity and atrocities committed by man against man.

The fbi as I have come to know them are human monsters:



I have deduced from 30 years of experience & study that the USA's
judiciary is thoroughly corrupted at will by the fbi.

Federal Magistrate Judges in El Paso, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California and Brownsville, Texas assisted the fbi in their torture and attempted kill campaign against me.

I can name one such sociopathic, black robed quisling, but prudence requires otherwise.

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