Geral W. Sosbee: Pavlov's Dogs, Skinner's Rats, fbi's victim/Targets    
 Pavlov's Dogs, Skinner's Rats, fbi's victim/Targets
picture2 Jun 2016 @ 11:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

This is not the age for kind gestures, nor political platitudes (Ayn Rand);so, I say frankly that...

...the fbi/cia and their friends, allies and supporters now seize control of the global population by murder, torture, threats, mind control and other methods which I partly outline at my 'world in a box' page online.


This report focuses on my evidence that the fbi treats as dogs and rats the victims of fbi political and ideological retribution, or vendettas. Equally abominable is the fact that the fbi engages in the atrocities referenced herein as a ritual and recurring ceremony which is enjoyed as a kind of sport for the psychopaths of the fbi and their handlers in the ruling class.

Regarding the mind control and behavior manipulation by Pavlov over dogs, see my *report of this victim of a similar treatment by the fbi as the laboratory handling by Pavlov with his experimental dogs. Specifically, each time I enter the public library to create a new report on the fbi's 'Non Consensual Human Experimentation Program' (of which I am an experimentee and permanent victim), the fbi sends a beast of a woman whom I have come to know all too well. She is the same fbi operative who pumped toxic fumes into my residence (adjoining hers) 15 years ago. During the intervening years continuing to date, this same despicable human being is assigned by the fbi to follow, verbally assault and harass me in every city where I live or visit.

In Pavlov's work, he would ring a bell and the dog would salivate in anticipation of food or a treat. With the beast, the fbi's victim (I) see the beast enter the facility, take a seat near me (or otherwise gain my attention) and I instantly understand from prior and repeated occurrences that I would not be allowed to sleep that night. The fbi employs DEW (directed energy weaponry) all night causing severe sleep deprivation as punishment for my online reports and articles.

Another technique used by the fbi in efforts to control the behavior of this reporter is similar to Skinner's treatment of **rats. In this program the fbi sends the beast mentioned above, or a male operative who has assaulted me numerous times in the library, the mall, etc., and he is quite the diabolic provocateur in efforts to make my trip to the library unpleasant. Every time, with no exception, that I try to use the library computer the fbi sends these two apparent assassins (or trouble makers)
to harass me. The fbi game is further complicated by fbi operatives who serve as professional witnesses to my reactions, if any, to the assaults. These witnesses are trained to provide their observations to mental health professionals as appropriate. A federal magistrate judge who also serves as a fbi operative is standing by to issue commitment or arrest warrants when the fabricated facts ostensibly justify such actions.

Thus, I receive punishment in the form of stress associated with the mind games employed against me by a small army of psychopaths. Like Skinner's rat, the victim of fbi covert psychological operations is trained to avoid such experiences for obvious reasons.

My recent report on Psychological operations :


I file another police report (note that the last time I filed a police report, the police officer threatened to arrest me for 'filing a false police report'; that same Detective also advised me in his next breath to 'take the medication'. He was referring to the false medical report by yet another apparent fbi operative who is a medical doctor. That medical report is available at


Finally, the next link presents evidence that the fbi as a criminal MAFIA type organization grows impatient with this victim's ability to survive all physical and psychological assaults.


*Pavlov dogs:


A well-known Pavlovian example is salivation by a dog when it hears a bell ring, because food has always been presented when the bell has been rung previously.

**B. F. SKINNER rats:


Punishers: Responses from the environment that decrease the likelihood of a behavior being repeated. Punishment weakens behavior.

For additional information on unconscionable crimes committed by the fbi, see my papers at

Thank you.

See also:


Two police reports filed on apparent stalking incidents by fbi street thugs seeking a response so that the sociopathic and corrupt federal magistrate judge/fbi operative may issue his arrest order.
1) filed in Brownsville, Texas
2) filed in McAllen, Texas, a week later

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