Geral W. Sosbee: The fbi's psychological attacks on a Target employ high tech equipment and low m    
 The fbi's psychological attacks on a Target employ high tech equipment and low m
picture30 May 2016 @ 18:26, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi's psychological attacks on a Target employ high tech equipment and low minded hoodlums.

This report focuses on a subtle and potentially deadly form of fbi's psychological operations that are designed to permanently silence this author. The method described below is, as the reader may discover, sinister and inhumane, and I verify with an ex cia operative that such assaults are common within the intelligence community.

Background data:
For 25-30 years the fbi has engaged in extreme felonious assaults on me wherein my life was essentially hijacked. See my report here on the painful assaults by the most evil group of cops (i.e., fbi) in the nation:

Today, the fbi continues their covert counterintelligence maneuvers against me which include 24/7/365 assaults by DEW weaponry and criminal assaults on me in many locations. The fbi operative gains my attention by his harassment at the mall, on the street, etc., so that I recognize him during his repeated assaults almost everywhere I go. The fbi also destroys, or vandalizes my car while I am in the library, etc., so I sometimes try to identify the culprits. The police ignore all of my reports of felony offenses committed against me at every location.

The public library staff cooperate with the fbi by allowing provocateurs to follow and harass me in the library when I use the computers. These high officials now stay in their back offices so that they can pretend to
know nothing of the offenses that I try to document.

The fbi operative frequently follows on my heels as I enter the library, or he places himself just in front of me as I enter, or he/she enters the library as I begin to exit. (Note: The tracking device in me and the library security cameras notify the fbi the very second that I stop my work and prepare to exit the facility).

If I try to identify the thug, or if I try to photograph him, another fbi operative notes this apparent act and the fbi begins to build a case of stalking against me. In other words the fbi, through their use of several operatives, construct a false reality to be presented to a neutral, third party observer; in this way the fbi fabricates such fraudulent files and may present same to mental health workers for their consideration. Evidence now suggests that this dirty technique is now being employed against me.

*See the false medical report from an apparent fbi operative wherein the doctor provides an official finding of 'paranoid delusional disorder ', so that the fbi can bolster their illegal and sinister plots against me. **The goal appears to be the creation of a record of mental illness that might warrant incarceration.

For additional information on the fbi's extensive use of mental and physical assaults see my report on psychological operations at ***

Thank you.

*False medical report to help fbi set up Target:


"Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures” : A Fraud


***More on psychological operations :





"Note from Jody: I recently wrote an article I posted here called "Is US goverment doing experiments on how to drive people crazy?" [link]

This article would seem to confirm that. I think that people have been subjected to psychological torture not only in prisons but in their places of residence as well. Here are some links of interest along these lines:
[link] (my own experience)
[link] (the experience of Michael C. Ruppert, author of bestselling book, "Crossing the Rubicon")
[link] (a recent post on PDX Indymedia) ".


From Barbara Hartwell on fbi sociopaths :

Fbi sociopaths:

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