Geral W. Sosbee: Flaws in police/fbi are fatal to a free nation    
 Flaws in police/fbi are fatal to a free nation
picture26 May 2016 @ 02:54, by Geral W. Sosbee

The wickedly evil men & women of fbi/cia/police,gangstalkers, etc., who engage in the torture, forced suicide, imprisonment and murder of my brothers and sisters embrace their individual, respective character flaws as though such defects are admirable; the flaws are are instead ungodly, most sinful and destructive (or fatal) to the USA.

Indeed, the USA that employs these human monsters suffers irreparably from the inhumanity that always accompanies character flaws associated with aggressive government bullies, torturers and serial killers (police & fbi).

See the list of flaws below and note that I add my observations in parenthesis in order to further explain the criminal minds of police/fbi,etc., and how by inference their flaws are fatal to our country.

--------------This nation cannot survive as a police state.-----------------

Note below that a mistake is not the same as a flaw.



— Tyler Johnson, Shampoo Planet

"A hamartia is a mistake or error ... (one) ...makes which leads to his undoing. It is not the same as a fatal flaw. This confusion arose from the misunderstanding of Aristotle's Poetics in the 19th Century.
In classic literature, a Fatal Flaw is often what prevents a Tragic Hero from succeeding. ( In this report the flaws in police and fbi agents prove fatal to a nation that empowers low minds who engage in atrocities).

Some specific Fatal Flaws:

Ambition (fbi/police pay and title move them to commit unconscionable acts sometimes for show)

Cruelty (fbi/police/stalkers torture, force suicide, murder while watching the victim)

Envy (always a part of the criminal mind of law enforcement officers )

Gluttony ( fbi/police can never 'get enough' of their own barbarity which they often practice for 20-30 years)

Greed (a human trait magnified in fbi/cops)

Hypocrisy ( regarding the serial killers, murderers, and brutal cops & fbi, they cannot see that their criminal perversions are most often worse than those in their suspect's character)

Inculpability (this flaw leads to massive corruption throughout the police/fbi society)

Lust (a human trait again often exemplified by cops/fbi in their so called work )

Pettiness ( cops and fbi thrive on 'petty', always trying to show their great imagined ingenuity)

Pride (never insult a cop or fbi agent because they will arrest or kill you for revealing their false sense of respectability and pride).

Selfishness (this flaw defines today's fbi/cops).

Selflessness (the cop/fbi imagines that he serves the department or the *'burro' (fbi's Bureau) and that he will do anything to protect the employer, often even at his own personal expense)

Self-reliance ( each cop and fbi agent is trained to be the boss in any situation; so, the false sense of power endows the cop/fbi with the inflated notion that he needs no assistance ).

Perfectionism (the fbi agent knows that anything he does is 'perfect' because the entire government supports his actions; nevermind that no cop and no fbi agent is ever even close to perfect in their assaults. Instead they are by definition criminal in attacking innocent suspects).

Sloth ( fbi agents, cops, and their operatives are quite uncouth, sloppy, and insensitive in all their operations. They cannot see themselves as we do: bullies wielding guns)

Wrath ( uncontrollable anger often moves the cop/fbi agent to beat or to kill his subject ).

* burro (fbi)

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