Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi and its severely misguided Director, murderous agents and insane operative    
 Fbi and its severely misguided Director, murderous agents and insane operative
picture24 May 2016 @ 02:27, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report seeks to reveal the sick mentality that permeates the fbi. All links shown below may also support this effort .

For all Americans who think that the fbi protects and defends our fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights, see my reports on how the fbi's own assassins (special agents, investigators and operatives ) routinely and ritually engage in threats, harassment, false imprisonment, forced suicide and murder.

See some of the comments from the fbi's own secret assassin and psychopath, aka pick Ur boggyman, as he lashes out insanely (protesting too much) in his efforts to discredit my documented account of the fbi's traitorous corruption. In the following passage from...


...Pick Ur Boogyman inadvertently reveals the fbi's agenda against me and the fbi's filthy and dim witted approach in efforts to silence the most vocal, coherent, credible and compelling whistle-blower ever in the history of the USA.

Note that the evil wishes (inherent in the fbi spokesman quoted below) have in their manifestations a boomerang effect on him and on our overthrown government here, and that all of the destruction that the psycho seeks against me actually comes home to him and to his fellow quislings and murderers across this land.

These are just two of many hate filled and demonic monologues by fbi terrorist/ assassin, aka, Pick Ur Boogyman who is intimately involved in the torture and attempted murder campaign of fbi Comey against me.
For more examples of fbi psychoses, see the above link.

"Where are my lies Slimeball 08.Apr.2013 16:26
Pick Ur Boogyman

Sorry, you old slimeball, this is not about me, it's about your fraudulent claims of being a decorated war hero....
You are an insane and cowardly little punk. May your troubles be multiplied each and every time you tell/post a lie or file a false report on someone. May your fraudulent claims eventually catch up with you and some innocent victim of your "false" reports sue your stinking, lying ass to bankruptcy. May every lie you tell return just reward to you.

Quit posting your insane drooling rants and just answer the question. The longer you wait the more evident it becomes that you are nothing but a PUNK ASS FRAUD.FRAUD .

April 5, 2013:
I don't give a shit who you think I am. You are too fucking stupid to comprehend that I am just an ordinary person who is sick of your continuous lies and delusional fantasies smeared like dog shit all over PIMC".

From Geral Sosbee :
For my well documented reports on the fbi terrorists' campaign against me, see my Writ, "My Story In Detail" , my thousands of posts and documentaries on line, and my recent articles at the following links:

USPI/fbi joint crimes against me :


Dirty fbi, cops, DA, judge, etc:


30 years passed in an instant. Ubi Sunt ?





The pathetic and infirm fbi in desperate efforts to discredit reaches into China in failed efforts to discourage the study of my documentations of the murderous fbi:


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