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 Message for YOU!
picture20 May 2016 @ 16:50, by Geral W. Sosbee

This message is for all the world's population, especially those who think that they have no responsibility to stop murderous tyranny as sponsored by USA,fbi,cia,police,mi6,surete,ss,etc: For those in stupor who do nothing in the face of evil encourage the unconscionable crimes that I outline.
Beware The Twiight

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
~ Justice William O. Douglas



Portland Indymedia (PI) wrongfully and anonymously plays games with my unique work (he hides them) as my articles are significant to all people on earth, now and in the future.

The word "rant" that PI uses to incorrectly label my work more appropriately describes the *PI's little verbal attack. He produces nothing while he pretends to criticize the events that I document regarding fbi's efforts to silence or kill me.

See the remarks above by PI moderator and note my additional comments here:

Portland Indymedia or Fraud falsely characterizes my reports, condescends and insults me. Above are his misguided remarks, as he presumes to slyly and falsely label my work as his own hidden agenda dictates.

Shame on PI for allowing such a small mind to assault me.


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