Geral W. Sosbee: Counterintelligence operations by fbi    
 Counterintelligence operations by fbi
picture16 May 2016 @ 12:43, by Geral W. Sosbee

A summary of the fbi's methods to destroy, imprison, or kill the innocent political Target at will and with total legal impunity:

Commence an unlawful and intense harassment campaign with the intent to destabilize the Target's life and serenity (see "My Story In Detail " ); send operatives to assault the Target under various pretenses;
report to a federal magistrate judge (who is a de facto sociopathic operative of the fbi's covert, counterintelligence operations) any situational reaction by the Target to the aggressive assaults; obtain an abusive and secret civil court order against the Target from the same corrupt judge; continue and expand, under the authority of the sealed court order, a series of serious felonies against the Target and his property in order to completely disrupt his life and tax his equanimity; engage incessantly and relentlessly 24/7/365 globally for life in discreet attempts to kill/imprison the Target, or to at least drive him insane by systematic and aggravated attacks by fbi thugs who also use high tech DEW (directed energy weaponry ), psychological operations and other techniques, all such dirty tricks being unprecedented in human affairs.

Conclusion :

No wonder why the fbi needs to keep all such inhumane attacks secret, lest the world discover the unacceptable threat to all from psychopathic serial killers in the fbi who are bent on world inhumane domination at any cost.

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PS:The day after the above report is posted, the fbi assassins enter my home and destroy the sunglasses that I used on the day of the report. The fbi thus reminds me of their 24/7 surveillance and of their gas lighting crimes, all integral parts of inhumane psychological operations against me.

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