Geral W. Sosbee: The fbi and company cannot hide    
 The fbi and company cannot hide
picture14 May 2016 @ 16:06, by Geral W. Sosbee

I have proven over the past 16 years (based on about one half century of study) that the United States of America is an overthrown, murderous regime held hostage in all departments of government tripartite as directed by the traitors and homicidal sociopaths in the fbi. The proof of my case against the monsters of the fbi is available on my several websites, including sworn affidavits, WRIT, "My Story In Detail" in 20 parts, and thousands of my documented reports. All of the leaders in Congress pretend that my evidence does not exist because they fear fbi reprisal if those in Congress lift a finger to challenge the police state created by fbi.

Indeed, the Senate and House of Representatives are comprised of cowards and quislings who often engage in crimes and cover ups for their own self enrichment (e.g., Feinstein's insider trades on financial markets). The courts, including the SCOTUS, do nothing to stop the fbi/cia from railroading all 'public servants' into conformity with unconscionable and criminal standards of conduct necessary to achieve world inhumane domination.

While I work diligently and persistently to illuminate fbi's relentless crimes against me and others, the fbi sends one cop after another to threaten me by opening fraudulent cases against me (See my reports on the offenses committed by USPI Knipfing, Texas DPS Rodriguez, Brownsville Texas Police Posada, Cameron County District Attorney )
All of these fools sent at me by the hoodlums of the fbi are now historically recorded as corrupted half wits who are not for the sustainability and longevity of this nation.

Here is my message from the year 2002 to the thugs in the fbi:

Some individuals may be judged by the size and strength of their enemy and even though countless dozens of you (armed with your high tech killing toys) have over the past several years ceaselessly attacked and hounded me, I cannot claim to be judged by such a standard because you are mental dwarfs and because your small minds render you unfit to be counted as my adversary. I must accept the duty, however unflattering to me, to defeat you for the eternal benefit of the human race. I take no pride in my preordained victory over you; indeed, I feel a sadness for having to show the world the evidence of your shallow mentality and barren souls. I am nevertheless richly rewarded for my efforts by the emergence in me of an enlightenment such as few gifted poets ever attempted to capture in verse. Finally, my little ones, I must confess to having an unfair advantage over you; I have prepared for millennia for this skirmish; I was bred for it; I trained for it in this life and I am rejuvenated in battle with every wound that you inflict upon me; be assured therefore that upon completion of my work I will rest and you will eternally toil in each other's exclusive and repugnant company as I then watch the rest of the world's population awaken to an unfamiliar and glorious renaissance of the human intellect.

Below are a few examples of my work which haunts and ultimately destroys the 'Burro' (the federal bureau of investigation )

Fbi forces VETS into suicide


Corruption of the CJS


Corruption of POLICE, DA, ICE


Corruption of USPI & TEXAS DPS


Corruption of local police


Thank you.

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