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 Cliff Huylebroeck educates all the world
picture13 May 2016 @ 01:34, by Geral W. Sosbee

Few individuals provide insights into the most subtle form of homicide, torture, forced suicide and discreet murders as Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK. Here are selected passages from Cliff's work to educate the world. I find his insights most compelling, even as his style and diction are uniquely informative and clearly articulated. Thank you, Cliff.


2016 Cliff Huylebroeck, Belgium

Part One:


Excerpts from Cliff's Home page on the subject of 'Gang Stalking':


"Gang stalking wiki

Gang stalking is a destructive activity like mobbing and bullying. As the world is larger than the workplace and the school, gang stalking is also happening at a larger scale than mobbing and bullying"

"Some quick facts:

80% of all people who commit suicide do this because of gang stalking.

It is however, not possible to forget about gang stalking, and get on with your life because the stalkers use electronic weapons. You never get used to it, just like you never get used to toothache and headache.

The stalkers don’t kill you directly. They aim to destroy your life to the point that you are better dead."

Part Two:

Excerpts from Cliff's superb efforts as seen at the above website:


Supporting doctors

Former Professor Alfred Webre (Doctor of Jurisprudence in International Law) prepared a video appearance for the first Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels in 2014....

Dr. Anna Fubini (Doctor of Medicine and psychiatrist) helps victims who suspect that they have implants.

Michael Segalov claims that he visited Professor Brian Sharpless (Ph. D. clinical psychology) because of exploding head syndrome....

Dr. Cheryl Welsh (Doctor of Jurisprudence) is the author of She’s recognized by the UNO as an expert.

Dr. Corkin Cherubini (Ph. D. education) wrote on his website: “I knew something was amiss, and afloat, when I kept seeing military type helicopters hovering over my home, and government vehicles everywhere — following, waiting, stalking in legions....

Former Professor Eric Karlstrom (Ph.D. geography) talked about gang stalking on the radio.


From Geral Sosbee :

The supreme gang stalkers in USA are fbi and their operatives & supporters.

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