Geral W. Sosbee: On my behalf and perhaps for many others    
 On my behalf and perhaps for many others
picture11 May 2016 @ 22:19, by Geral W. Sosbee

I present here a metaphoric indictment of the main street media and of the fbi,police,etc. , who presume to have the authority to torture or kill me and others who similarly defend human rights globally. I charge the government miscreants and media figures with high crimes.

Each of us here has worked intensely in our lifetime to accomplish some degree of success, as defined by everyman in his/her own way. Today, many individuals discover that all of our efforts, all of our accomplishments and all (or most) of our dreams are stolen/destroyed/mocked by the very government responsible for protecting and safeguarding our fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights.

In my case I served the now overthrown regime that calls itself the United States of America (USA), and my only regret in my life is that service.

As we (you and I) provide multitudes of evidence on the corruption of our respective government, we discover that the entire main street media pretends that we do not exist. Indeed, the fbi/cia/police/mi6/surete/SS/mossad,et ., act as though our very existence is illegal. For this I charge such media personalities 1)with fraud and 2)as accessories to the ongoing felonies committed by the above agencies against us.
My message to the scoundrels in the media:

The specific details of the torture and attempted murder of my person repeatedly and incessantly are set forth on line in thousands of my (and your) testimonials, including sworn statements and court pleadings. Here is a brief introduction to my initial reports when the fbi early on sought to destroy my health and my sanity:

Here is a reference to the fbi history book where I am featured as a Special Agent in service to the fbi and to the USA:

For more details on the inhumane, unconscionable and criminally insane attacks on me, see "My Story In Detail" at my website and see my recent work to expose the fbi and their police associates as career criminals, thugs and assassins; see my reports at

Thank you.

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