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 The real fbi ('burro')
picture11 May 2016 @ 00:36, by Geral W. Sosbee

From inside the fbi these statements are often uttered : "If we want you, we will get you!" "We can be your best friend, or your worst enemy".

The fbi has mastered the arts of intimidation, character assassination,   fabrication and manufacturing of evidence, credible perjury/ plausible deniablity , false imprisonment, discreet assassinations, and outright murders machine gun style.

In this report I describe how the fbi labors to 'get' me, even though the fools of the 'burro' (fbi) have been unsuccessful for 30 years to date in their unconstitutional entrapment efforts against me. However, most of their Targets do in fact lose their freedom or their lives when the burro chases/snoops after them. One might discover in my articles that the fbi often  commits multiple serious felonies in their efforts to catch a possible future misdemeanant.

As a preview of the dirty tactics used by the burro against me, see the wild antics of hateful and uncouth AUSA Sara Robinson as she succeeds in fraudulently trashing my lawsuit against the burro:

She and the federal judge who is also controlled by the burro, abandon all decorum in their orchestrated ad hominem attack on me, and they truly make a mockery of the court hearing where I tried to stop fbi crimes against me in the year 2000.

As mentioned above, see how the AUSA Sara Robinson submits in open court, in her pleadings and at every stage of my civil action against the fbi, false allegations in order to portray me as a candidate for fbi torture:


In the next link. I show how the AUSA Robinson with the corrupt judge's blessing tries to fraudulently portray me as a mental case and threat to public safety. 

"...unbalanced mind..., public safety...public interest..."


They had no defense against my documented case on fbi crimes against me, so the AUSA and the judge stooped to lowest levels of 'dirty low down', unprofessional  verbiage to thwart my pleadings.

Similarly, when the fbi 'burro' can't arrest someone legitimately,  the fbi thugs have an infinite variety of other ways to destroy their Target. One such alternative method was used on me, and the method is so outrageous and patently unethical and unlawful that a person of normal sensibilities would be shocked to learn of its use by any  law enforcement official.

In the next paragraph I try to illuminate the disgusting method used by the burro to publicly and fraudulently destroy a person's rights as a human being and as a citizen. That method is institutional slander and libel. 

Many people are chosen as Targets  by the fbi for ruination. Some are targeted  for no legitimate  reason, other than political motives,  to be harassed, tnreatened, terrorized and killed by the fbi and company.  One falsely presumed justification used by the fbi against an innocent Target is to leak contrived and extremely prejudicial information that their Target poses a threat to public safety, or is insane, or both. The burro in its own irrationality has found that this kind of public lynching is sufficient to end the productive life of any Target. Federal Magistrate Judges help the fbi ruin anyone by this tactic en queue, and such magistrates are among the most dangerous traitors in this country.





Additionally the federal magistrate judges  regularly and impliedly authorize the fbi hoodlums to engage in a never ending stream of provocative crimes against a given Target; the local police, DA, etc., always  cover up and refuse to investigate such crimes and even gang up against the fbi's Target by committing more crimes and insults against the same Targets. 


Amazingly,  the federal magistrate judge also empowers the fbi to conduct macabre human experimentation on selected individuals:


These experiments often result in the suffering, forced suicide or unique  death by government. The fbi ritually expands these abominable experimentation programs  in order to terrorize and terminate the Target. See, for example,  the similarities between "Logan's Run" and my own experiences as one who is chosen by the central governing authority/fbi for termination and death. For specific data on this subject see "My Story In Detail " on line.

The Fbi routinely  uses fraudulent civil process to terrorize the political and innocent Target:

In one instance I documented the crime committed by the fbi, attributed to me, and turned over to other law enforcement thugs in USPI and Texas DPS to fraudulently pursue. See this and related links therein for specific information:


Finally, the Fbi criminally & systematically  abuses the global disease surveillance system in efforts to justify surveillance, harassment, torture, forced suicide, murder of their innocent, political Targets. Indeed, I have shown in many of my reports that the homicidal sociopaths of the fbi actually make a sport of their torture & killing spree against the Target.


See my medical records as potential evidence to show fraud by the fbi and by their attorneys (like Sara Robinson & Monica Mclean ):



Understand, if one will,  that the 'white collars'  and 'good guy' portrayals of the fbi on TV and in popular news and movie programs hide  the real fbi which is made up of psychopathic serial torturers, murderers and career criminals.

The general population is completely in the dark concerning the subhuman and cowardly  character of most fbi agents and operatives. 

About me:


Thank you.

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