Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi corrupts police, DA, ICE, etc.    
 Fbi corrupts police, DA, ICE, etc.
picture9 May 2016 @ 18:25, by Geral W. Sosbee

I present evidence of fbi's corruption of police, DA, ICE, etc.

This report is in two parts as follows: 1) Corruption of the Brownsville, Texas Police Department and the Cameron County District Attorney’s office by the fbi; fbi retaliation against me and my wife for my recent reports. Here is the report from which the fbi suffers indigestion:

2) Assaults on me and my wife by ICE.

In the first part of this report, I accentuate the lies, or blatant misrepresentations of high ranking police Sergeant Robert Martinez (M), Brownsville, Texas Police. Note that the DA deceitfully accepted the false reports of M and Detective Adrian Posada (AP), but made no record of the Police Commander’s statements which support my report of the crimes.

That commander of the BPD is James Paschal.Also of significance is the fact that neither M , nor AP made any effort to investigate the crimes that I and my wife tried to document. Yet, M falsely reports to the DA that no offense existed. I never had any contact with M regarding the report that he says is baseless. I also mention fbi retaliation against me and my wife for my reporting government crimes.

In the second part of this report I show how the fbi and ICE harass and assault me and my wife.

See my documentations that tend to prove that M is a liar:
Brownsville Police Department Sergeant Robert Martinez lies to cover up false report and other offenses by Detective Adrian Posada. .

"...Ultimately there was no offense to report. .."*l2E...

See my report on corruption of DA and his investigator, both of whom accept the lies of the police officers who did not properly investigate the crimes that I reported:


The original false report by Detective Adrian Posada is in pdf form here (note that he wrote his misleading report about a month after he refused to accept my original complaint concerning which he stated in a threatening manner, “filing a false police report is a crime; take the medication”):


The fbi retaliates with severe DEW attacks on me and my wife in response to my articles proving that fbi, police, DA committed crimes which the AG ignores:


Fbi attacks with DEW:



Assaults by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement):
As a preface to this part of my report see the following link on the harassment by federal agencies as directed by the fbi:


On or about April 27, 2016, I and my wife were looking for a place to live; we drove around a neighborhood in Olmitos, Texas, and suddenly a white, late model Honda came roaring up at a high speed just behind us. About an hour later we visited the owner of the residence across the street from where the white Honda driver assaulted us. The owner of the house asked to see my ID as a precaution before showing the house. I showed her my driver’s license, but she took the license out of my hand. I did not object. Then, she began to photograph the license and to apparently send it over the internet via her smart phone. I stated, “I do not approve of your actions with my license and I do not do business this way; return my license.” She returned my license and stated, “ My husband is a Special Agent with ICE “ and he directs me to do this.

I reported the incident to the Border Patrol in Brownsville, Texas. Major Mares USBP advised me to report the incident to the police and to ICE. I did not report to the police because the BPD are corrupt and threatened me the last time I tried to file a report (see the above documentations on Posada and Martinez of the BPD). I file a report on the ICE incident with the Cameron County Sheriff (case number 0416-1864) and with Kevin W. Benson, ASAC, ICE, Homeland Security, 1800 Paredes Line Road, Brownsville, Texas 78521. The white Honda driver who lives across the street from the ICE agent is apparently a friend of the ICE agent who directed the neighbor to frighten me and my wife.

For additional, unrelated reports on fraudulent police reports and assaults on me by the UT police at the direction of fbi, see my site at sosbeevfbidotcom, parts 19,a,b,c.
For the false medical report used by Posada to insult me with his “take the medication “ statement see part 20 of My Story In Detail at sosbeevfbidotcom.

The reader may understand that police and DAs across the nation are corrupted by the fbi on queue and that I have presented exhaustive evidence and in some instances proof that this nation is under a police state as spearheaded by the fbi.

Thank you

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