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 America The Beautiful, NOT!
picture7 May 2016 @ 23:48, by Geral W. Sosbee

Waging war and pretending to 'fight crime' are big business in USA. The military and its industrial suppliers, the fbi/cia/nsa budgets are so huge that they are largely kept secret, often relying on illegal and criminal acts to fund murderous agenda.

The domestic crime fighting apparatus is a fraud in that the police and fbi intentionally and sometimes for show kill people who are innocent, or who otherwise do not require on the spot death sentences.
In my work online I try to show that the fbi vendetta against me reflects the general violent and unconscionable tenor of this regime 's global political posture wich invites in some instances reprisals 'in-kind'.

So, I trust that as people discover in my reports the heinous torture and killing tactics used by the fbi/cia/police in USA, that the informed reader may better comprehend why the USA is always under some kind of security or 'terror alert' and why so many people seek to stop USA imperialism (see my 'world in a box' at

In a real sense the economy here depends in part on USA sponsored atrocities committed 'over there' ; the brutal and deadly police state here also seems to be accepted as a new 'norm' by the media and by the ignorant, uninformed public.

After all, the fbi/cia et. al., have discovered that they make a lot of money, expand their power base, pretend to defend the 'Homeland', lie to the American people and engage in 1) mass murder, 2)killings, 3) selective & discreet assassinations and 4) subtle eugenics , all at the same time the world over.


Thank you.


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