Geral W. Sosbee: Torture, mayhem & murder = fbi covert operations globally    
 Torture, mayhem & murder = fbi covert operations globally
picture7 May 2016 @ 19:44, by Geral W. Sosbee

Torture, mayhem,  murder= fbi covert operations globally

In order to more fully describe the murderous evil of fbi agents and operatives I present the following additional evidence:

A few years ago the following medical group notified me indirectly that the fbi obtained the medical records from the hospital regarding my visits there as a young boy in grade school:

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Main Campus
2222 Welborn Street
Dallas, Texas 75219

The attention that I received in the facility resulted in a medical evaluation of weak lungs vulnerable to toxic cigarette smoke, etc. The doctor indicated in his charts that I could not be exposed to any fumes from cigarettes.

The fbi then began a discreet program of pumping cigarette smoke (or other toxic fumes) into my residence everywhere I lived, continuing now about 15 years. I was thus forced out of my home about thirteen times over the past decade and a half. The record of my many residences  confirms this, and the record at Scotish Rite Hospital confirms the statements in the second paragraph above.

Additionally, the fbi has complete access to my medical records throughout my life; the fbi assassins are aware of a duodenal ulcer diagnosis while I served the fbi as a Special Agent. So, in apparent efforts to aggravate that condition, the fbi imposed severe psychological stress on me over the past 30 years. 

The nose deflection injury from my Army days also provided an opportunity for the fbi to attempt to kill me in the recovery room after survery. Their agent/assassin entered my room and changed the doctor's bedside note to read, "give food upon patient's awakening". I nearly suffocated in my own vomit in that attack. 

For additional data on the psychopathic fbi's expertise in serial killings see:


Regarding the decades long and painful assaults by DEW, see a false medical report here:


The entire federal judiciary assisted the fbi in the year 2000 in throwing out my petition for an injunction that might have stopped the torture and attempts on my life since that date. See my Writ where the infamous AUSA Sara Robinson successfully moved the judge to deny my petition with prejudice, thereby giving the fbi the 'green light' to expand efforts to kill or imprison me.


The filth that is the fbi across the landscape is supported by congress, the courts and the powerless & ignorant American public.


See my page on World in a box for more methods used by the fbi to destroy, imprison, and murder fbi's Targets.

Thank you.


Over the past 15 years, several fbi operatives including a beast of a woman and and sly female cop moved into an adjoining apartment and pumped cigarette fumes into my residence in obvious efforts to cause serious bodily injury, knowing full well of my medical history of weak lungs. On one occasion the fumes were extremely heavy and I awoke with an acute bronchitis attack requiring medical attention.

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